Breaking News: Tedy Bruschi Is Now an NFL Analyst for ESPN!

Krishna DhaniCorrespondent ISeptember 8, 2009

FOXBOROUGH, MA - 2009:  Tedy Bruschi of the New England Patriots poses for his 2009 NFL headshot at photo day in Foxborough, Massachusetts.  (Photo by NFL Photos) reports that retired Patriots linbacker Tedy Bruschi is now an NFL analyst for ESPN.

This is really amazing because you don't see many player just go right on straight to the ESPN network to become analysts it is really weird.

"Tedy Bruschi has embodied the Patriots and their unrivaled success the past decade, and we are thrilled that this three-time Super Bowl champion is joining our roster of NFL experts as well as, which will give New England sports fans a stable of authentic and familiar Boston voices when it launches Monday," ESPN's executive vice president Norby Williamson said.

I really don't care if he goes to ESPN now. But it would have been better if he became an analyst for NFL network, because he is an NFL player (retired) that wants to be an anylist for something that involves football. And of course NFL network involves the NFL. But he should do what he wants to do.

"I'm very excited to be joining the ESPN team. I hope to bring my passion and knowledge for the game as an analyst just as I did as a player," Brushci said."I look forward to the national exposure of covering the entire league while also having the opportunity to stay close to my roots here with"

Well he is expected to do good and he will, I mean seriously he was an NFL player he knows what he's doing.

Bruschi is probably going to be one of the best analyst for ESPN NFL. With his thirteen season of playing and all the injuries he gone through. He will do good and he will state out all that he has gone through, and that matters. People only watch the sports news channels to see the news and he will give his news of his life.

Not only will ESPN gain more viewers they will become way more famous. Bruschi is also probably gone through a lot with medical issues. That also matters people want to know injuries and other things. He will be an anylist that will not only tell about others but himself. That is why he is going to be good as an analyist.

It is like gaining for nothing he will het what he wants and people will watch ESPN probably just to Bruschi in the first couple of weeks. It is kind of like how people went crazy to see a game with Vick in that Eagles jersey in the first couple of weeks.

But now look no one is going to crazy.

But lets just hope he has a good career with ESPN.