College Football Playoff: Addition To Tradition

Tray Leonidas@Mr_StCloud300Correspondent ISeptember 8, 2009

I've read a lot of articles saying we should have a College Football playoff. I heard Obama go on T.V and say we should have a College Football playoff. All my friends are saying there should be a College Football playoff.

Why not? In the direction it's going, Florida is penciled in as the National Champions anyway. USC would probably go to the Rose Bowl(Unless the California Bears have something to say about that.) Hell, why should there even be a football season if we already know who's gonna win?

For the first time in 8 years, USC has a chance of losing the PAC-10. and it feels great knowing that they're under pressure like this, but what if they go to a playoff instead?(I know i'm not the first person to think of this) More games, more interesting, longer season, more tailgate parties. That's right Alabama and Ohio State, Christmas comes early. A 17 game season, longer than a High Schools(our's was 14) and less than the NFL(19)

This is what I question, why only 8 teams? there are 119 teams in college football, so why only 8 get to go to the "playoffs?" So what happens to the other 111 teams that fought so hard throughout the year? Does their season just end? That's anything but fair, and it would leave many disappointed fans to have their team go 10-2 and not go to a playoff.

Here's the problem with an 8 man bracket. Lets say that USC wins the PAC-10 going an undefeated 12-0 the perfect season...but the California Bears go 11-1. That means they dont go to the playoffs, and even if you wanted to put them in, you would have to take out the winner of another conference. How is that fair to that person who also went undefeated(Lets take Boise State to be that team for instance.)

For having a great season, either the runner up that deserves to be there will be eliminated, or the winner of a weaker conference will be eliminated.  

I say there should be a 32 man bracket, just like it was in high school, so it gives the runner ups a chance to show what they got against the other powerhouses. I mean think about it. Oregon State VS Ohio state? lets see how the giant killers of the PAC-10 deals with the Giant of the Big 10. California vs Florida(my all time dream match up) who wouldn't want to see that? USC vs(I know...) Boise State. Lets see the Bronco's put their undefeated name to the test.

Games you never thought possible become possible with this system. There are a few flaws, but they aren't too big of a problem.

First, what happens when the tournament breaks off and there are teams with the same records? This happens every time, in high school and the NFL.

For example, lets say Stanford, Hawaii, Minnesota, and Virginia have the same record at 7-5. This would determine who goes to the playoffs or not.

1) Head on victories. if any of those teams beat the other, them they would get the first bid to go. Virginia and Stanford didnt play any of them... but Hawaii beat Minnesota!! So that means Hawaii goes for sure. But that still leaves Stanford, Minnesota and Virginia. Which leaves me to the second step.

2) Strength of schedule. I know, we talk about it, but with this system teams would finally get rewarded for fighting through a rough and tough schedule.(This sucks for the weaker conferences, but I won't use them for this particular case.) Now here's how the schedules played out for the teams... Stanford-B Minnesota-B+ Virginia-C

Now we know who's going to the playoffs. Hawaii, Minnesota, and Stanford. Virginia just misses it, too bad, maybe next time you'll add USC or Ohio State to your schedule so when you lose, you can say "We had a tough schedule!" and not "We lost to William and Mary!"

Another interesting point, lets not get rid of the big bowl games. In the quarterfinals when there are 8 teams left, lets have the Bowls go into play. The Rose, Sugar, Fiesta, and Orange Bowl!! So it would be like winning the NFC or AFC championship! So we keep tradition, and bring something new to the table, The Rose Bowl isn't the end...but the next step to something greater! That's right USC, your season goes on after winning the Rose Bowl, and your dream continuing on.

And for the semi-finals, let them be played in (randomly hand-picked by the Heisman)the NFL stadiums, where they will get a custom trophy created by the NFL team hosting the game(E.g- Belichick bowl, Cowboy trophy,  Giant Cup, ETC.) The finals will do the same, but instead of naming it after the team or coach, it will be...The National Championship. Pretty cool huh?

The champions and the runner ups get an automatic bid top go to the playoff. From there it will be the teams with the best records(that are left) and strongest schedules. Rewarding teams that have about 6 or 7 good teams on their schedule.... just like 2002.

They say they won't do it because it's tradition that they have the bowls. Well sometimes tradition needs to change, for the benefit of the fans.

It changed in the NFL, why can't it change here? We should Start a petition if we're serious about having a playoff bracket in college football. This is America after all, lets say and do our part.