Milwaukee Brewers: Celebrate, Celebrate, Come On and Celebrate!

Adam LindemerSenior Analyst ISeptember 8, 2009

The Milwaukee Brewers really have nothing left to play for this season, and have now been reduced to becoming the "spoiler" team.

So why not have some fun when they find a way to win a game as September rolls around?

The St. Louis Cardinals (mainly manager Tony LaRussa) have never been a fan of Milwaukee's "post-game antics" after a victory (untucking their jerseys, and the way they celebrate).

Well I can only imagine what went through LaRussa's mind when he saw highlights from Milwaukee's game on Sunday, September 6, against San Francisco.

But what was the rest of the league thinking?

In a game where the Brewers had earlier turned a rare triple play going 5-4-3, they forced extra innings versus the Giants.

Then Milwaukee's best player and the king of the castle, Prince Fielder, stepped up in the bottom of the 12th inning to play hero once again.

Fielder hit a hooking line drive over the right field wall to give him another career game-winning hit and the Brewers a 2-1 victory.

But it was what followed his trot around the bases that has Milwaukee fans buzzing, and perhaps the rest of the league wondering.

Just as Fielder rounded first base, he untucked his shirt (I wrote an article last season explaining why they do it), then pointed to the dugout. After seeing the end result, you'll realize why he pointed.

A choreographed celebration was about to take place.

Usually a celebration of this nature consists of the player rounding the bases, jumping on home plate, and then being mobbed by his teammates. The Brewers threw in a little twist last Sunday.

Fielder rounded the bases. He jumped on home plate. Just when he landed, though, the rest of the team (minus coaches and managers) fell over like dominoes, leaving "The Prince" standing on home plate with his arms raised to the sky.

Vince Lombardi once said that athletes "should act like they've scored before," but I think that athletes should celebrate, because they never know when they will play their last game.

I'm not saying that everybody should do the Randy Moss "moon" dance—just keep it within reason. I believe Fielder has done that.

Hey, baseball (football, basketball, etc.) are games, and games are supposed to be fun (Mr. Baseball anyone?).

These guys are paid to play a game, so they should go out and have some fun, like Prince Fielder and the rest of the Milwaukee Brewers are doing.


Brewers' triple play (Casey McGehee-Felipe Lopez-Prince Fielder):

Fielder's game-winning solo shot and team celebration: