Dear WWE: Why Is Kelly Kelly Not Getting Her Shot?

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIISeptember 8, 2009

For about three years now, one woman has graced the WWE stage and basically took it by storm. Her name is Kelly Kelly. 

We first saw her on ECW around the time it first became a brand. It was nice to see this new brand because we saw a lot of new superstars, and that included new divas. 

She was first brought in as more of a valet for Mike Knox and was a dancer in Extreme Expose. She soon went on her own and did "Kelly's Expose" for a while. Then she stayed in ECW, wrestling on and off, until she went to WWE RAW.

The great part about Kelly is her work ethic. She improved so much since coming into the WWE in early 2006, which eventually led her to the flagship promotion, RAW.

The WWE fans even voted her the most improved wrestler in the WWE in 2008. Yet, she has been shafted since coming to the show. She has only been in a few title matches where she didn't even get a chance to show off.

It seems the WWE only gives title reins to Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, and Maryse on RAW. I can understand why they give reigns to Mickie and Beth, I mean they are great wrestlers who deserve a few reigns from time-to-time.

However, why is Maryse even carrying gold when she has not been in the WWE as long as Kelly has? 

Also, Kelly is just as good in the ring as Maryse. It's not like the WWE wants one to be hotter than the other, if that were the case, Kelly would be champion numerous times by now.

We all know she is young at the age of 22, but why not give her any type of run? Age shouldn't matter.

I mean, look at Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, and the Rock. All of these stars made huge impacts in the WWE after being the youngest champions ever, at the time they won the belt. While two of them are no longer with the WWE, it's clear they still were huge in the WWE during their time.

It seems Kelly can win all the chances to be in the title match, but she can't win a title.

Also, Maryse won her first Diva's Title from the top diva on SmackDown in Michelle McCool. As I mentioned, Maryse, in my opinion, is even with Kelly as far as wrestling ability and beauty. Why give her a shot to beat a top diva, yet not give Kelly the same opportunity, especially when Kelly is better in the ring and on the mic?

While some wrestling purists say beauty doesn't matter with who is champion or not, when you break things down in the WWE's eyes, they really do care as far as women's championship reigns go.

The WWE wants whoever the champion is to be beautiful, especially if they are a face champion. And of course, even if they are heel, they want them to have some sort of beauty.

Some believe Kelly is not ready to be a champion. I totally disagree. After being in the WWE for three years, longer than some who have already won a Women's or Diva's title, Kelly deserves it more than anyone.

It doesn't seem right that the WWE gives all of the titles to the same few people, yet there are far more deserving divas like Kelly Kelly who has yet to hold any title in the WWE.

People complain all the time about the WWE giving the same people title shots on RAW. How many times can we see Orton, Triple-H, and Cena in the title match?

Some would say that its OK for them to be there because they have a large fanbase, therefore, making many people buy the PPV's.

I ask you, isn't Kelly Kelly one of the more popular divas in the WWE today? Yet she is not being used as well as she could be.

If you have seen her on the mic, she is great. For example, take a look at some of her promos in ECW. So, it's not like she can't do a promo just as good as any other Diva on RAW or SmackDown.

She has all the tools and even the fanbase to be a champion, so why not make her one?

I am not saying put her in a title match next week. Build her up to getting it. Don't just have her win a future opportunity at the title and end up giving it to her on RAW the next week, only for her to lose.

I say get the belt on a heel diva, then have Kelly face off with someone to get an opportunity at the Champion at the next PPV. Then, you can build her up on RAW. Give her promos and opportunities to speak on the mic, have her win matches up until the PPV event.

If she doesn't win the championship at the PPV, still keep her on a roll, as far as winning goes every week, in order to build her creditability. Right now, she is barely a mid-card diva, if you can call her that.

She is like the cupcake that a college football team plays at the beginning of the season to get a warm up for the later games.

But, if you build her up, she can be like the team no one wants to face at the beginning of the season, for fear it will ruin their championship hopes.

She doesn't have to be champion to do that, but it will make her look like championship material, rather than some pretty girl anyone can beat. That will force the WWE to put the title on her a few times. Also she is young, so the more you get her out there, the more she can help the WWE's Diva Division in the future.

Also, keep in mind that three years in the WWE can mean a lot. Don't think just because she has only been around that long that she could not win a Title. In fact, Trish Stratus won Diva of the Decade after only three years in the WWE. So, if the WWE uses her correctly, she can be just as big as Trish was.

Right now, it seems everytime she actually wins, it's an upset. But that needs to change. Have her win more often, have her in the limelight more, give her a freaking title.

Like I said before, it's not like she doesn't deserve it.