patrick GaudronContributor ISeptember 7, 2009

Currently around the globe. Almost every Ncaa Football fanatic is eager to know when will the hurricanes, get back to the five star prestige that they once were, when will they finally end the struggles and claim their first Acc Title, and lastly but most crucially, when will the Hurricanes get Back to The National Spotlight, (BCS) possibly.

To the people, and all the U fans. I say the time is here. throughout the last two years since Shannon has taken over the program that looks like it was going to be the next (Blue devil in college football). He has done a tremendous job, especially with the campus players. Since he took over in 07, "only five miami players have gotten arrested. Miami's APR score in 2009 ranked 7th nationally with a score of 976. This score was the highest among all Florida institutions and second highest in the Atlantic Coast Conference. Talking about a program that was once all about the drugs, The gangsters, and shootings."But now it is really all about the U. The Shannon U. 

Now that shannon hard worked with the school academic has increased tremendously. Is it time for the Hurricanes, to show us what shannon has tought them in the field? ladies, and gents. The answer is yes. The miami Roster look pretty impressive or should i say explosive, "thanks to Randy shannon's recruiting talent.

This year we have a returning Jacory Harris with loads of talents around him in the ground we have Graig cooper and Jarvis james and if anything happen to one of those backs we got three more running backs, and ladies & gents all three of them runs a 4.4 in the 40.

As far as receivers," Oh My god. I can't wait to see the marc whipple offense in action. Especially with Jacory harris running it. For the first time in history. I think miami will get over 3500 yards in the air this season. why do i believed that? "here is why. " 1st string receiver Laron Byrd 6'4 215 pounds and he ran a 4.42 in the 40 yard dash. 2nd string Leonard Hankerson 6'3 215 pouns and he ran a 4.4 flat in the 40 yard dash. 3rd Aldarius Johnson 6'3 215 pounds and again another 4.45 in the 40 yard dash. 4th Travis Benjamin 5'10 175 pounds one of our smallest receiver due to his progression he now runs a 4.37 in the 40 people. Last but not least Kendal Thompkins. He is our slowest receiver with a 4.5 flat not a 4.51 or 4.52 a flat its basically a 4.49  and as far as T-ends our starting TE runs a 4.55. Now with all that talent, with Marc Whiple on board. yes Jacory Harris should definitely be successfull. Our offense of line i tought would be our biggest weakness now looking at it i give it a B+  four of them are seniors the other one is a sophomore with 2 years vasity experience so yes we're good.


The Defense

DE Marcus robinson was a LB in high had 21 sacks in his senior year now he's playing DE for miami he runs a 4.55. With eric moncur thats ok we got steven wesley, vernon.

DT returning star allen bailey looks explosive as usal 7th best DT in the nation. DT Marcus Forston this kid is so great i have never seeing anything like it i went to one of his high school game he had 5 sacks in one game he ended up with 21 sacks also. He is #1 In his position in his state in the nation. so watch out for this Big man.

LB  Collin Mccarthy was injured last year if don't know him he has been our leader in tackle since 2007, that means someone please bring the GT to us this year can't wait plus we got sean spence that runs a 4.48, arthur Brown a 4.4 flat, and Daryl sharton who been with us since the big east shannon 2001 defense. He is starting this year look for him.

DB. there is no doubt that miami have the top best defensives back in the nation. Last year, despite their loosing record. They were still ranked 6th in defending the pass. "plus they played the gators, tebow never got into a groove in the air against miami. well those young guys are back.

DB 1st string. Brandon Harris sophomore runs a 4.42. DB 2nd String DeMarcus Van Dyke he is the fastest hurricane player of all time. (yes people of all time) He now runs 4.28 in the 40. 3rd string Sam Shield 4.4 

FS Randy Phillips. I think we all know who he is by now, he is the guy thats predicting on youtube that his hurricanes will win 11 games or more this season. don't believe me here check it out yourself (

SS Vaughn Telemarque. The true freshman is being compared to Ed reed, and Sean taylor. When i heard that, I didn't believe it: "so i dig into the kid high school stats, and I guess the stats says it all. Even Texas Tech will struggle in the air with this kind of stats he had 89 tackles, and 9 interceptions, and 4 Fumble recovery. "you asked me thats just amazing stats. I'm glad we got him here he's definetely a future top 10 pick in the draft.

Special team i think we all know the accuracy of Matt Bosher. Any close game with him we have a huge advantage over our opponents and he can punt. as returners of course we will be explosive  Mike James, Lee Chambers, Brandon harris are our returners all three of them runs a 4.4.

Offense 89 B+

Defense 93 A

Special 97 A+

Overall record Miami should go 12-1 or 13-0

Oklahoma embarassed us last year. Now that sam is out. Their freshman will be in the road against our talented speedy defense they will go down... VT won't beat us because one tyrod taylor can't pass the ball he is worst then Mike vick ever was he run a 4.5 flat our linbackers are faster then him plust their #1 rusher is out. FSU is good but i think we can survived them since we got 2 new coordinators they won't know what to expect. Plus their qb Chris Ponder will throw at least 3 picks. The only team that i think might beat us in the 1st four games is the tripple option GT. if we beat the first 4 opponents then we will go undefeated, I know you people may think i'm crazy. "but i am a die hard hurricane. When the GT upset us in 04. i  knew that hurricane wasn't coming back, and now i'm telling you all we are back believe it. Mark my word don't forget to say. "I told you so, if don't believed me. One more thing with all that talent if randy does not win 10 games i think its a disapointing season for us.