The Return of InReview

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent ISeptember 7, 2009

In Review

Weekly Record: 2-4

Current Record: 66-70

Sorry about the past couple weeks…I moved and started a new job. My new job seems a little strict about computer usage and I don’t have the internet hooked up at the new place yet, so I’ve been slacking on my RFB duties. To make up for it, I’m introducing my own September call-ups; I’m trying out new sections for next year and seeing how they play. Let me know what scores and what sucks.

A Glance:
Monday: Facing Pittsburgh at home=asylum…Cards coming up
Tuesday: I liked it better when Holliday was in the AL (L)
Wednesday: I liked it better when Carpenter was hurt (L)
Thursday: Parra, McGehee help salvage a win, next three games very important for any kind of chance (W)
Friday: Close, but not enough offense (L)
Saturday: Close, but not enough offense (L)
Sunday: Prince walked off and bowled a strike…or made an earthquake…Trips in the win (W)


Mayor Tom Barrett throwing out the first pitch

Whatever that bowling thing was on Sunday…it was pure fun

It’s September and the starting pitchers have finally remembered what it’s like to go later into games (except you, hurting Dave Bush)


JJ Hardy whining much like Bill Hall did…JJ, opening up your stance like Hall hasn’t worked and being in the same “poor me” mindset won’t work either

Even though I liked it, the bowling thing was a HUGE and trivial celebration from a team on the brink of being mathematically eliminated from the post-season…let’s celebrate by winning two games in a row against teams with a winning record

I’m getting the feeling that management basically knows the season is over…Gallardo is being skipped, Bourgeois and Gerut are getting regular playing time…at least the players are still battling

Good for the Week

Casey McGehee actually made a couple nice defensive plays Sunday, including the start of a triple play, but he’s good for the week because he hit about .380 with 3 bombs and 11 RBI’s

Goat for the Week

J.J. Hardy was called up, even though he obviously didn’t figure out anything in Nashville, and has gone 2 for 15 since returning. Statement made…

This Week in Stats

Weekly ERA: 4.09  (14th in the ML)                                     YTD: 4.82 (27th in the ML)
Weekly BA: .218 (26th in the ML)                                         YTD: .260 (17th in the ML)
Weekly Opponents BA: .256 (13th in the ML)                 YTD: .267 (26th in the ML)
Weekly Slugging Percentage: .311 (29th in the ML)     YTD: .425 (9th in the ML)
Weekly Fielding Percentage: .987  (11th in the ML)      YTD: .984 (16th in the ML)

Quick Hitter:

The last Brewers triple play was in 1999 against the Cubs and it went from Cirillo to Vina to Sean Berry. Jeff Cirillo has been part of 2 triple plays, which is the most by a Brewer player.

Something to Think About:

Who would make it to the mound first: Coffey running from the pen or Bosio walking from the dugout? My money is on Coffey, but I’d like to see a Bosio timer too.