Now is the Time: Bring Back Kung Fu!

Dorothy WillisSenior Writer ISeptember 7, 2009

TORONTO - FEBRUARY 5:  Ultimate Fighter Georges St-Pierre attends the Toronto Maple Leafs game against the Florida Panthers during a fight during their NHL game at the Air Canada Centre February 5, 2008 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Photo By Dave Sandford/Getty Images)

Recently my articles have been so well-received that I would now like to share one of my inner most desires with my readers.

If you have read my more recent offerings you will know that I was thrilled to hear that Quentin Rampage Jackson is going to be taking the role as BA Barracus on the remake of the A Team, a TV classic from when my sons were in grade school.

I remember those days fondly and think that with his build and charisma, Rampage will be the perfect fit for the job! I am very excited for the remake, as well as the part Rampage will be taking to make it all possible.

Unlike some other MMA fans who are bemoaning the cancellation of the fight with Rashad Evans, his co-coach on the TUF 10 series, I am very happy about the situation.

Rampage had a surgery after the fight with Keith Jardine, Rashad's team Jackson's sparring partner and good friend.

Rashad, of course, recently lost a fight to Lyota Machida.

If Sugar can squeeze in a successful match before his fight with Quinton, it will give him some momentum going into the fight with him.

So in my opinion, this is a good situation.

Now to introduce my next wished for situation which I hope will occur, I will forewarn my readers that this may also incur your wrath, although I do not know that it will cause any UFC event to have to be rescheduled.

With the recent death of David Carradine, I have been thinking that another Quentin might wish to honor his fallen hero and do a remake of the Kung Fu series that David starred in earlier in his career before all those "Kill Bill" movies with all the kick ass fighting in them.

Quentin Tarantino could enlist the greatest welterweight fighter in the world to play the part.

I am of course speaking of none other than my favorite fighter, Georges St-Pierre.

Who better than Georges could do the part?

He is a much respected fighter with aspiration's to be a movie hero like his idol Jean Claude Von Daum, and may have even cut his teeth on Kung Fu reruns.

The idea of Georges lending a hand to make a movie concerning the martial arts gives me shivers.

He has all the physical attributes necessary as well as the athletic ability to do a wonderful job in the Carradine role.

Who, having a shaved head, is better looking than Georges?

From collecting every GSP picture I can find, I can attest to his range of facial expressions, and from the amount of female fans who favor Georges and are dying to make his acquaintance, I can likewise verify the fact that he could easily eclipse Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise as a leading man in action films.

Though I have had this notion for a while, I have yet to contact Georges' manager Shari Spencer or Mr. Tarantino to suggest it, hoping that in fact, someone else has already beaten me to the punch and put the wheels in motion.

No one in the UFC is guaranteed a future with the organization beyond the signing of their next contract, so I think such a move right now, while the iron is hot, would be a great deal for Georges.

Acting offered a lot of job security to a many other tough guys and it would increase interest in MMA if Georges is a hit in a martial arts related action movie.

Not all remakes are as good as the original, but in this case, I firmly believe that this potential remake could be better than the original, if done by the right director.

Please weigh in with your yeas or nays.

I am used to your criticism by now and will survive either way.