College Football 2009 Thoughts and Observations week 1

David HedlindAnalyst IISeptember 7, 2009


After watching football all weekend, I would venture a guess that I saw about 25 games, and read reports on quite a few others, I have some thoughts.

The Punch

Can’t really start anywhere else can I?

You may have already seen my take on this else where like one of the many articles that were written about it. I don’t agree with Blount’s actions but I have a bigger problem with going at his teammates and the fans than I do Hout.

To me the turning point came as Blount is walking away and Hout runs up to him, slaps his shoulder pad while saying something regarding Blount’s statement in an off season interview.

Blount opened his mouth and Boise State shut it the way they should have, on the field. That’s all that was needed. Hout didn’t need to say more and even if he did feel the need to he didn’t need to slap the shoulder pad which brought Blount’s head up and his attention on Hout.

I learned a long time ago don’t be a sore loser but also be a gracious winner. Neither was applied.

Control your temper, just because you want to punch someone doesn’t mean you have to.

Keep your helmet on when you are on the field.

While Blount got he deserved, I think Hout needs a game out as well for his actions though.

Notre Dame

I admit I was wrong so far. The defense looks strong as they shut down one of the most productive offenses in college football.

The offense was clicking, Clausen passed well and they appear to have found a running game.

But it was Nevada and the defense wasn’t that good.

Still it I admit I undervalued Notre Dame but I am still not quite ready to call an upset over USC or even put them in a BCS game.

One step at a time.


I don’t know how they will do this year. They may be better than last year, it would be hard to be worse. How much did we learn from their win over Western Michigan? I can’t really say since I didn’t actually see this game.

For now it would seem though that all distractions aside, Michigan is ready to play football. The offense was rolling and the defense stout. Next week we will probably learn more as they take on a little more potent opponent.

Welcome to College Football Mr. Paulus

It was almost a happy welcome too. Paulus had Syracuse leading late in the game before Minnesota was able to tie it up and send the game to overtime.

Unfortunately he threw and interception in overtime. The turn over allowed Minnesota to win with a field goal.

I will say Paulus played better than I expected though. Paulus threw for 61% and 1-1 ratio in his debut against a Big 10 bowl team.

They could be looking to make a little noise in the Big East.


A while back I listed 16 FCS teams that I thought could upset their FBS opponent. Maybe next year I will send it to the teams on the list. In the opening weekend six of the games I listed played. Three of the FBS teams, Temple, Duke and Virginia lost. The scores on the other three were 19-13, 25-20, and 29-22. The FBS team may have won but as I warned the FCS team kept it a game.

I am calling it six for six in upset warnings on opening weekend.

BCS Busting

The Mountain West still has their main teams in TCU, who didn’t play, Utah, who beat Utah State, and BYU, if you haven’t heard they beat Oklahoma, why are you even reading this?

Along with those three the rest may be doing there part to strengthen the image of the conference. As I write I am watching Colorado State dominate Colorado. Air Force played an FCS opponent but dominated them 72-0. UNLV and Wyoming won their games and San Diego State had a solid showing against UCLA even in a loss. Who ever wins this conference will be in a good position to play in a BCS bowl.

The other is still Boise State. They won their game against Oregon even if it wasn’t pretty. They should be favored in every other game they play this season. If they continue to play as they did against Oregon though, they are beatable.

I am not sure any other team from a conference outside the big six can make it but I would give an outside shot to Houston for right now. They have a huge test with Oklahoma State next week but if they win that and get through the conference they have all the right pieces to get there.

Warm Up Games

There really are such a thing as warm up games they are games that you play to work out the kinks and you expect a fairly easy win.

My problem is, how are some of these games considered warm ups if you take out your starters early? Or even if you just dominate the opponent did you really get a challenge to know how ready you really are?

Air Force 72-0 over Nichols State

Florida 62-3 over Charleston Southern

Michigan State 44-3 over Montana State

Kentucky 42-0 over Miami OH

Tennessee 63-7 over Western Kentucky

Boston College 54-0 over Northeastern

USC 56-3 over San Jose State

Miss State 45-7 over Jackson State

Nebraska 49-3 over FAU

Texas A&M 41-6 over New Mexico

Houston 55-7 over Northwestern State

Southern Miss 52-0 over Alcorn State

Arkansas State 61-0 over Miss. Valley St

Kansas 49-3 over Northern Arizona

Vanderbilt 45-0 over Western Carolina

Arizona State 50-3 over Idaho State

Fresno State 51-0 over UC Davis

Maybe playing each other would let you know more about your team.



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