Cristiano Ronaldo: "If God Can't Please Everyone, I Won't Either"

Josep Vernet-RieraCorrespondent ISeptember 6, 2009

KILDARE, IRELAND - JULY 14:  Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid gives the thumbs up during the Real Madrid pre-season training camp at Carton House Hotel  on July 14, 2009 in Kildare, Ireland. (Photo by Patrick Bolger/Getty Images)

"When you are at the top, everyone will try to knock you down."

- Portuguese saying

Cristiano Ronaldo has managed to conquer everything, individually that is: Best UEFA CL player, the Golden Boot, FIFA and FIFPro World Player of the year, FIFPro Young Player of the Year, Best UEFA CL forward, multiple presences at All-Star XIs...

...and most recently two special records that translate his abilty into economical worth and popularity: Biggest transfer fee in football and biggest attendance for the presentation of a player (roughly 80.000 people).

One Champions League and some English domestic titles, join these individual awards, all won during his time at Manchester United.

When you've reached this level at 24, you are going to be hated.

The young gun from Sporting Lisbon was expected to follow the footsteps of Figo who also came from the same team and had recently won the FIFA WPOTY award.

He proved Sir Alex right and went on to lead United to English dominance after everyone expecting Chelsea to reign over the Prem.

Like every superstar, 50 percent of the fans hated him, another 50 percent loved him. 

Still Ronaldo lost a lot of his popularity during the 2006 WC.

After a commited challenge between Rooney and Ricardo Carvalho, both players fell down and Rooney stepped on Carvalho's crotch whilst trying to get up.

A huge group of Portuguese players, led by Ronaldo, stormed the ref, who sent them away and showed Rooney the red card. Ronaldo was caught on camera winking, to whom? No one knows, but back in the Land of her Majesty everyone assumed that he was either winking to one of the refs or to the Portuguese bench.

As if Scolari would have given Ronaldo an order to demand a red card for Wayne Rooney.

Had the Gods of football decided to knock Portugal out, then everyone would have kept their mouths shut on this matter, but Portugal won on penalties and Ronaldo was the man to blame for the English squad getting knocked out.

English fans started to boo Ronaldo in a monstrous way. Every time he touched the ball all you could hear was "buuuuuu" and once in a while everybody was quiet.

Rooney threatened him, as did the fans did and still he stayed and won the Champions League.

The "showoff," " show-boater," "the arrogant", "the cheater," Ronaldo had completed one of his two dreams: winning the Champions League.

Ronaldo was now known as "The Best Player in the World," but for the English fans he was still "the cheater." 

Well, maybe he was a "cheater", since he should not be allowed to play against such lacklustre opponents.

This would drift on to the Portuguese national team. Having eliminated England twice in a row, the English now saw a reason to attack Portugal - they cheat, they dive.

Of course, English players were always all fair play - just ask the German team of the World Cup 1966 to see how they feel about that.

Or just ask the chaps from Slovenia or Wayne Rooney (you know him, the one that is the best Player of the World if you exclude Ronaldo, Messi, Kaká, Ibrahimovic, Henry, Xavi, Fabregas, Terry, Lampard and some other 20 players), after all isn't he "honest and fair"?

Before calling Portuguese players a bunch of divers, remember what happened yesterday, will you?

Before blaming Ronaldo for the unsuccessful campaigns, why don't you blame you own players?

Yesterday Portugal tied against Denmark. One B/R writer recapped the match, but forgot to mention something important: A Danish player cut one shot with his hand, everyone saw it, but for the ref. Did anyone complain? Then the ref forgot about the corner kick rules and awarded goal kicks to the Danes. Did anyone in the Portuguese press say: "It's the refs fault" or "The Danes didn't play fair"? 

No, they did not. Instead you could read: "Portuguese players fail to convert 32 shots," "The team is dominating the matches, but just cannot finish."

Well, but since we are the cheaters, we can not complain, can we?

Ronaldo took the heat and still managed to lead Man Utd. to another CL final, this time though they lost to Barcelona.

This summer he transfered to Real Madrid. €93m. - that is how much he is worth. 

A dominant player, one of the tallest wingers in the game (1,85m), one of the fastest and the best of the world.

Playing for a nation that plays the game in entertaining fashion (most entertaining team in the WC '06) and that has given the game a huge number of talents.

Hated by many, because he is the best, better than anyone.

Even being a culé and Ronaldo playing for Madrid I wish him all the best at his new club, since he is an asset to the game, that we all love.

You may hate Ronaldo for the person, that he is, but that would be as logic as hating someone that you do not know.

Well, hate him or love him, at least he is, now, show signs of humbleness.


Note: Before posting things like: "Ronaldo sucks", "Rooney is better", "Messi is better", just watch this video.