Hamilton Ti-Cats Have a Lot Riding on the Labour Day Classic Game

Brad NortonCorrespondent ISeptember 6, 2009

This year's Labour Day Classic game means more to the Ti-Cats than it has ever before it's not just about smashing the Argos, getting a win and adding two points to the standings.

Although, it sounds stupid this game can make or break the ti-cats. After, years of low attendance and ticket sales, as well as money losing years. Hamilton fans have decided to give the Ti-Cats back their hearts.

The Tigercats management also decided to do things right this season by not signing washed up free agents, but, creating a good young team that will improve and compete for years to come.

If you just look at the record your saying "yeah, sure the ti-cats are only a .500 team, that's mediocre, it's nothing good." But, if you know the history and have watched the games they are so much more than their record shows.

For example, two weeks back they lost to the Saskatchewan Roughriders 33-23 or something close to that. In the first half though, the ti-cats were down 23-0. You have to be a damn good team to come back from a 23-point defecit.

Last years ti-cats would have maybe scored a field goal and lost like 40-3. All of their losses have been because they choke near the end of the game. Which sadly if they don't pick it up this is going to be a really terrible re-run of the last few years.

This is the highest attended game out of all the Labour Day Classic's. If the ti-cats get beat by the Argos and drop to 4-5 they are probably going to be out of the playoffs.

However, if they win it keeps them in the race to reach the post season something they have not accomplished since the 2004 campaign. If the Ti-Cats win then ticket sales and attendance will be as high as they are for this Monday's game.

If they don't win and fail to make the playoffs. Ti-Cats fans will take back their hearts and Ti-Cats Caretaker Bob Young may never gain a profit. Personally, I'll be attending the Labour day game and am expecting a win.

If they don't win and then they drop their next game. I'm going to stop attending games. I'm not going to care whether I miss the game on t.v. and the biggest thing, I'm going to take back my heart.