Brett Favre: The Packer Faithful Do Not Wish You Well

Sterling SpiarsAnalyst ISeptember 6, 2009

Unfortunately, the NFL is more of a business than sports entertainment. Home-town heroes often jump ship with another ball club for better opportunities and a larger paycheck. At the same time, the higher-ups of each team will turn their back on loyal players to make room for the young stars of the game.

There was no surprise in my mind when the Packers' general manager, Ted Thompson refused the three-time MVP's comeback and replaced him with project quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.

Since I was born with green and yellow flowing through my veins, I still had a lot of respect for Brett Favre when he signed with the New York Jets. After all, Favre had played a huge role in winning the only Green Bay championship since my heart began to thump.

This respect will never be lost, but it is definitely on hold for now. There are a number of teams where Favre could of played an immediate impact, but he had to sign with the Vikings.

When September 13 hits the calender, there is no doubt that the Packer nation will be tuning in to watch the long-time rivalry between the Pack and the Bears. Even before this game takes place, the fans will be keeping a close eye on Favre as the Vikings take on the Cleveland Browns.

Additionally, there will be no love come November 1st when Favre will make his first trip to Lambeau since leaving the team.

True Packer fans will undoubtedly wish that Favre has a healthy season, but is there any way that we will wish him well?

No! The fact of the matter is that Favre plays for a rival team. We are hoping that he loses a large quantity of games this year.

Favre needs to realize that there are other outlets if his heart can't leave the game. I hope after another failed stint with another sub-par team, that retirement isn't just a word that is tossed around like a hot potato through out the media outlets.