OSU 31, Navy 27: Tressel's Hubris

Ricky BushContributor ISeptember 6, 2009

My favorite sports team, the Ohio State Buckeyes have returned at last. Here is what I've learned:

Terrelle Pryor will probably be the best OSU quarterback of my lifetime. The thing I appreciated most about Pryor last year was that he was smart enough to not throw a many picks. Sure he had the big fumble against PSU, but fumbles aren't as much a mental deficiency as interceptions are.

Vince Young as a sophomore threw 11 picks. Pryor threw 4 as a freshman. Now he seems completely confident out there. Passes thrown on the money with stiffarms that are especially stiff. But unfortunately it looks like our skill positions are not gonna provide him much help.

Why are we ranked so high? Pryor is an elite player, but who else do we have at that level? That defense didn't really inspire much hope in me. Hopefully next week Frosh Barkley shakes like Shaggy and Scooby in the 'Shoe and we can capitalize on his inexperience, because talent-wise I'm not anxious about this matchup.

Anderson Russell WTF?  I can't remember an OSU DB getting torched like that; let alone a fifth year senior.

Coach Tressel, no one thinks your tears cure cancer more than me. I remember John Cooper. I remember 70 point opening game victories with Coop...only to lose to Michigan. I remember being undefeated 3 times...only to lose to Michigan. You have given Buckeye Nation a National Championship, 3 championship game appearances, and complete dominance over Michigan and pretty much the Big Ten.

I will NEVER call for your job. I'm a Cincinnati Bearcat basketball fan who wanted Bob Huggins fired because he could never get out of the second round of the NCAA tourney. Be careful what you wish for. Since Hugs left we haven't even made the tourney. So Buckeye fans, remember that.

But it irks me when we don't play conservative. Remember when Craig Krenzel ran the ball 21 times for 84 yards against Miami? Remember beating unranked Cincinnati by 4 points that same championship year? I don't mind winning close games against far inferior talent.

I just don't want us to lose because we are not playing like we did in 2002. 

So you can see why I'm upset that you would go for it on 4th down when a field goal would have essentially won the game. You basically said "Screw Navy. We don't need to play conservative. They're are already done, let's rub it in" It's a level of Spurrier-esque hubris we don't expect from you.

When we haven't played conservative and with humility it's had dire consequences in big games. Luckily, the unsuccessful fake field goal we attempted against Miami in 2003 didn't come back to bite us. However, in the subsequent two BCS title games if we would have played Big Ten conservative football we wouldn't have been pounded so hard by the SEC.

Against Florida, Antonio Pittman avged 6.2 yards per carry but he only ran the ball 10 times. Comparatively Troy Smith threw 14 passes completing 4 and was sacked 6 times. When Ginn went down we had a speed deficiency. Power beats speed. Those overpursuing Gator DEs were looping around right to Smith. We also unsuccessfully went for it on fourth and 1 deep in our own territory, which effectively ended the game. If you average 6 yrds per rush in a game you should not get beat by 27 points.

Next year we are up 10-0 on LSU after Beanie Wells gets a 65 yrd touchdown. He touched the ball 19 more times and had 81 yrds. Beanie averaged 7.3 yrds per carry. You should not get obliterated if your back does that. LSU as a team averaged 3.1 yards per carry. Unfortunately we threw the ball 26 times with 2 picks and Boeckmann was sacked 5 times. If Beanie Wells carried the ball 30 times we would have won that game. I've no doubt.

So Coach, I truly believe your tears cure cancer. You know more than me about all aspects of life I'm sure. I just want to go back to the days when we gashed a speedy team from South Florida with power football and won the belt. I don't care that this game was close, either. Florida lost to Ole Miss at home last year and won the championship. 2002 was filled with close games against inferior talent. Holy Buckeye, anyone?