Wow Fisichella in a Ferrari!

Igbo TifosiContributor ISeptember 6, 2009

SPA FRANCORCHAMPS, BELGIUM - AUGUST 29:  Giancarlo Fisichella of Italy and Force India celebrates in parc ferme after taking pole position during qualifying for the Belgian Grand Prix at the Circuit of Spa Francorchamps on August 29, 2009 in Spa Francorchamps, Belgium.  (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

Giancarlo Fisichella to drive the Ferrari till the end of the season gives way to more questions than answers which is what his signing sort to accomplish, so here we go “will Fisichella be capable of pushing a slightly under performing Ferrari F60 further up the grid?”


With the announcing of his release from a gracious Force India team on the 3rd of September came joy, the joy that at least we won’t have to see similar taboo events as was forced upon us in the last 2 races, the eyesore of having a Ferrari back-marking or being the 1st car out of quali1 and crashing out at less than difficult corners!   


Without looking at his record I instantly feel optimistic he will be good in a good car, solely because of his sizzling performance in Spa. However the question still beckons and it is “will he be amazing in just a good car?” We all saw him make Kimi sweat in Spa, if not for pit crew supremacy and to a lesser extent the KERS button it would have been Fisi on the 1st step of the podium. But that was Fisi in a better car in almost freakishly perfect conditions that just suited Force India’s  VJM02, which surprised all the teams and fans alike (well it shocked the heck out of me!). Now, should he take to the F60 will he then challenge for points as well as Kimi the iceman and therefore give Scuderia Ferrari a serious decision-headache on their 2010 driver line-up considering they still have the Kimi, Alonso, Massa contractual issue still up in the air as it were.


Fisi’s career from 1996 shows a lot of understated potential which I think is due to his unfortunate luck in landing the best seats in the paddock or team support and motivation (except in Renault where the support was lacking as opposed to the car) and I feel the Roman will be well looked after at Maranello. This also holds up my long held belief that all f1 drivers are good, they just need an equally good car and luck to achieve good results. On the other hand however great f1 drivers just have that extra “somethin” that allows them drag any car undeservedly up the grid and the entire team at times. This greatness Fisico is yet to produce in my opinion and nor has the entire current field except for Alonso. So this will be a fascinating development to watch and from first photos of his introduction to the F60 he was looking rather chuffed, quite at home and I ought to say scarlet red does suit him.


I think he can push this car to its limits with no trouble however when we talk about pushing it beyond that I have no idea, let hope so...