Ring Rap With Matt:The Scoop On Morrison, Jericho vs Taker, and the ROH war!

Matthew HesterSenior Writer ISeptember 6, 2009

Hello everyone. As always, I would like to thank all of you for spending some time with me today.


There seems to be a lot of things happening in the WWE these days. Whether it’s the return of the Undertaker or Mysterio being suspended. There is a lot on everyone’s plate these days.


I decided that instead of doing an article on each issue. I would just do one covering everything. I guess you can say I am being a little lazy today lol.


I have been reading a lot of articles about JoMo these days. It would appear that people are either happy or up at arms with JoMo becoming the IC champ. I have to be honest with all of you I really don’t see what all the hoopla is.


So what, JoMo is the IC champion, in my opinion the IC title does nothing for his career. It can make the IC title more credible, but it’s not like him being the IC champ elevates his career.


The counter argument I am hearing is that Ziggler should have been champ. While I can see how this is a fair point made. It’s not like him not becoming the champ wrecks his career.


In fact I think him winning the belt of JoMo would benefit Ziggler more. When all is said and done I am pretty sure he Ziggy will become the IC champ. People just need to calm down and let things take its course.


Chris Jericho was recently wrestling at a house show when he made a little boo boo. He was wrestling the undertaker that night, and told the crowd during his promo that he would be facing the dead man for the first time ever.


This I know for a fact is not true. He wrestled the undertaker a while back in the year 2000. If I am not mistaken he wrestled him in either November or December of that year. He has never beaten the undertaker but he did indeed wrestle him.


I would love to see a nice Jericho vs. taker feud though. Who knows maybe it can be Jericho’s turn to loose to the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. At this point in Jericho’s career it would only be fitting that he got a nice run going with Taker.


My last bit of ranting will be on this whole ROH Vs. WWE situation. With all do respect I must strongly disagree with Shane and Mr. Burgett. There is no doubt in my mind Vince is raiding ROH’s talent.


Before ROH decided to make the move to Monday nights, we heard nothing of the WWE being interested in Nigel, Tyler or the Briscoe’s. So am I supposed to believe that all of a sudden they want them now?


I have never claimed to be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I certainly didn’t fall of the turnip truck yesterday. These signings are nothing more than Vince countering the decision to move to Monday night.


I am also hearing a lot about how ROH has no money to spare. While ROH may not be rolling in the dough, I find it hard to believe that they are dirt broke. As far as I knew they always packed the house, and their sales of DVD’s and other merchandise were always solid.


Even if it is true that they are in some financial problems. There are such things as banks to where they can loan the money. They will have to find some way to scrape up some cash though.


If they want to survive they will need to lock in some of their current talent and they will also have to go out and lock in some fresh talent. They will not be able to make it if they just keep letting Vince sign away their top wrestlers.


Well that’s it for me today, if you disagree with me feel free to tell me so. Like I have always said before, I am always up for a good rasslin debate.


I would like to thank all of you again for joining me today.


As always, have a safe day and god bless.