NFL's Most Shocking Cuts

Sixty Feet, Six Inches Correspondent IApril 7, 2017

The deadline for NFL coaches to announce their final cut list was yesterday, and I've now had time to peruse the list of each team's cuts. Most were routine cuts—players that were on the bubble and knew it, and just couldn't quite make it.

However, there were some pretty big shockers, which is what I'm going to go over today.

Zach Thomas and Bernard Pollard - Kansas City Chiefs

Thomas's presence shouldn't actually be shocking. He's an old guy who's clearly lost a step at this point, and his production has dropped off a cliff in the last few years. It's entirely plausible that younger LBs would be better than him. However, there's always that part of me that remembers Thomas as one of the league's scariest linebackers. Seeing his name on a cut list feels a little surreal.

Pollard was more of a surprise to me. I'm not even going to touch the obvious Tom Brady jokes, but Pollard was actually a pretty good safety. I'm surprised the Chiefs couldn't get any kind of draft picks from him, and I'm surprised they felt he wasn't good enough to play.

Corey Ivy - Cleveland Browns

I'm not so sure a team as thin at CB as the Browns should be cutting a solid contributor like Ivy. At the very least, he could play the nickel/dime role pretty well.

Dominic Rhodes - Buffalo Bills

Rhodes was brought in to come off the bench and spell Marshawn Lynch—a role he's handled well throughout his career. Fred Jackson eliminates that need a little bit, but I would think the Bills would want to have Rhodes as an option as well. What was a strong backfield now looks mediocre with the absence of Rhodes.

Isaac Redman - Pittsburgh Steelers

Redman was an undrafted free agent who emerged as a big-time goal line presence in preseason. His cut isn't overwhelmingly shocking, as Frank Summers was drafted as a goal line back and can also play FB and TE, as well as looking impressive on special teams. However, Redman was much more productive at being a goal line back than Summers was this preseason.

He's eligible for the practice squad, and I can't imagine the Steelers not at least putting him there.

Brian Brohm - Green Bay Packers

It's not that he played well enough to make the roster, but how often does a team really cut its second-round pick? Brohm has a chance at being a productive player in the NFL. Aaron Rodgers has proven more than capable as a starter, but I think Brohm would make a better backup than Matt Flynn.

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