"Bob Stoops and Sooners Stake Claim On 2010 BCS Title Game"

Doug UrschelCorrespondent ISeptember 6, 2009

MIAMI - JANUARY 4: Head coach Bob Stoops of the Oklahoma Sooners looks on during the final minutes before losing 55-19 to the USC Trojans in the FedEx Orange Bowl 2005 National Championship on January 4, 2005 at Pro Player Stadium in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

Coach Bob Stoops and his Oklahoma Sooners began the 2009 season where the last one left off...with a loss.

The Sooners lost their first game of this season to BYU.  However, the announcers were quick to point out that BYU was not a member of the BIG-12 conference.  Therefore, the loss would not "hurt" Oklahoma's chances for another bid for the BCS National Championship Game.

What an amazing statement for professional announcers to make.

May I remind the announcers that BYU was the first team that Oklahoma has played this season?  I would add that the entire Sooner Nation went into shock when their quarterback was hurt.

Everyone from the announcers to the guy that throws the peanuts claimed that the Sooner team revolved around a single person and that person is the quarterback.  The quarterback is the player that got hurt.

How often was "Heisman winning quarterback" applied to the Sooners? 

The College Game Day "experts" discussed the risk that Oklahoma would face without their Heisman winning quarterback.    They were even concerned about the Sooners playing the weak part of their schedule without him.

I didn't understand how the entire fortune of a team could rest with a single player until I listened closely to the announcers of the game. 

The announcers said that since the quarterback was injured, the game would rest with a running back and gave his name.  It sounded more like Oklahoma had a player here and another there, but not a lot of players.

I have a question.  Why is it so important to lose a few players at any position?  Isn't Oklahoma supposed to be one of the two best teams in the nation?  Don't they have any depth?

I've read some articles recently from writers obsessed with certain teams and injury "issues" they may have.  Then that same team plays another FBS team and plays three quarterbacks and goes four deep in some positions and seven in others.

The aforementioned team has zero depth issues, but Oklahoma is, again, exposed as the team of smoke and mirrors.

Bob Stoops will wear the loss to BYU as a battle decoration.  He will ride that loss all the way to the BCS Title Game.  He will go into his own conference and win everything, proving how great his team is.

Bob, your team doesn't belong in the AP Top 10, let alone a major bowl game.

Reality was present and the Sooner fans saw it.  Bob Stoops and his Sooners have lost two games in a row.  That, by any standard, should disallow the Sooners from going to another BCS Title game this season.

Don't be concerned Sooner fan.  The more nasty Bob Stoops' record is, the better the BCS likes it. 

The Harris-Sooner Poll members won't care about a loss to that mighty BYU team.  They don't watch games, they just vote Sooner.

Is there any possible way that the BCS would actually look at what type of garbage they're heaping on us?  Is it too much to ask of the BCS to end up with two teams that are capable of playing the game of football?

The BCS and their cohorts will look for any possible way to place Florida and either Texas or Oklahoma in the next BCS Title game.  If they can't, they will attempt to have two SEC teams play each other for the third time in the season.

Who is in charge of that faceless, classless BCS?  Who will step before the cameras and claim responsibility for this next BCS fiasco?

Note to Bob Stoops:  You have placed all your eggs in one  basket and that is unwise.