Ziggler Vs Morrison: Feud Of The Year 2009!

anonymous guyCorrespondent ISeptember 6, 2009

Hello to all of my fans and to the rest of the B/R Community! I'm Anonymous Guy better known as:

1. AG

2. Anon

etc., but any way this article is not about me, but it is about one... no two greatly talented young superstars named Dolph Ziggler and John Morrison!

This Sunday we will see two fresh young faces of the WWE go head to head in a what is predicted to be the match of the night for the Intercontinental Championship Title!

Now, most of you all read an article written by me two months ago called "Building a Better Summerslam", and thought of it as a great article, while a few of you thought I was a little nuts for thinking that Ziggler and Morrison will be champ on Smackdown.


Hmmm.... I wonder, could I have a inside source? Could I actually be someone from the big company itself, Could I be a former released WWE Superstar who also knew a little something about future storylines? Or am I just a friggin genius!? Who knows, but  was correct in predicting this feud would happen either at Summerslam or afterwards.

So the big question is: Who will win this Sunday at Breaking Point?

Dolph Ziggler: The guy is the absolute best heel on Smackdown next to Jericho and Punk. His athleticsm is top notch and his promo skills are amazing! Not to mention that he has one of the most sexiest women in the world in his corner. All of these attributes add up to one word: SUCCESS! He has also been in a heated war with Mysterio in recent months and from what history shows, Ziggler is in line for some major victories!

By history I mean, in the past a Rey Mysterio feud could mean only one thing... Major Push! Think I'm kidding? Then lets take a look at the list shall we:

1. John Cena (The Beginning of the Major Face Turn)

2. Brock Lesnar (The Rise to the WWE Title)

3. Edge (To solidify himself as the top heel on Smackdown)

4. Randy Orton (To get over enough to be placed in the main event at Wrestlemania)

5. JBL (To make him the most hated bully in WWE history)

6. Chris Jericho (The Beginning of the Edge and Jericho Alliance)

Negative outcomes of a Rey Mysterio feud:

1. Mike Knox (He had a good thing going by teaming with Kane on Raw, but after his feud with Mysterio, the next best thing for this great athlete was for him to miss a huge amount of Raw shows and be drafted to Smackdown and have a meaningless feud with Finlay)

2. Kane (It was meant to bring back the mask, but it brought back Rey Mysterio as someone who was supposed to be destroyed and mutilated by Kane. It was a total bust, he hasn't held a title in years and in result has just became a glorified and feared jobber)

3. Evan Bourne (It was meant to be a feud of one-ups manship that was supposed to bring back the Cruiserweight Title, but due to Vince McMahon's love for big men vs little men storylines, he introduced Mike Knox into the feud and took away the Cruiserweight Title from the storyline. Thanks Vince, you really know how to make your die-hard fans change the channel from USA every Monday Night.)

From both lists, it looks like the positive out weighs the bad, but since we all know Vince good and well enough, we all know that he will somehow introduce Kane, Khali, and Finlay into this feud. Lets just all hope that he lets the feud play out the way creative has planned for it to go.

Now since we checked out Dolph's side of the match, lets look at the Intercontinental Champ himself,

John Morrison: This man knows what it takes to get the job done when it comes to big time PPV's, House-shows, and Live TV! His athleticsm is second to none and his promo skills are good enough to keep everyone entertained. He caters to all audiences of any age. From his high impact finisher that the kids love, to his physique that he has worked so hard to maintain that all the women die for, to his amazing ability to put on great matches that any man can appreciate, Morrison is the total package!

John Morrison is often related to as the next Shawn Michaels, which is a very credible compliment if you ask me. Morrison has gotten plenty of gold in his career thus far and moves and looks as if he's been in the ring longer than Flair and Hogan put together! He is also currently back in a relationship with the very voluptuous Melina.

And if my memory is correct, Melina and Maria are kind of having a small disaggrement about Maria dating Ziggler. I feel that this is the perfect way to introduce the on-screen relationship of Melina and Morrison.

He was one half of two of the most successful tag teams in history and is a former Intercontinental and ECW Champion. He's put on some of the most amazing performances in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. He put on one hell of a match with Jeff Hardy for the World Heavyweight Title, but in a losing effort. He just beat Rey in an impromtu title match and is heading into Breaking Point as the current champ.

Can anyone say: SUCCESS!

So all this turns back to the question: Who will win come Sunday at the Breaking Point PPV, Ziggler or Morrison?

In my own opinion, I believe that Morrison will retain due to the fact that he just won the strap from Mysterio this past Friday Night on Smackdown. Not to mention I believe that Morrison is that better competitor than Ziggler.

I think that it will play out with Ziggler inviting Maria down to the ring as his valet. It comes near the end of the match and Ziggler asks Maria to help him cheat to win the belt, but Maria reluctantly refuses and Ziggler and he walks right into a Moonlight Drive and then the Starship Pain. Morrison covers him for the win. Also during that night Melina defeats McCool for the Women's Title.

Next on Smackdown Maria does her best to apologize to Ziggler, but he doesn't care. Ziggler teams with The Heart Dynasty to take on Morrison and Cryme Tyme. Morrison delivers the Moonlight Drive onto Ziggler and Cryme Tyme is on the outside with The Heart Dynasty. Morrison goes to the corner and gets ready for the Starship Pain, but Maria comes out from no where and distracts Morrison long enough for Ziggler to get up and hit his finisher for the victory.

Afterwards they get into the ring and Ziggler picks up Morrison's IC title and gives Maria a deep kiss. Later that night Maria teams with Melina to take on Layla and McCool. Melina is about to win for the team and goes for her finisher, but Maria gets into the ring with Melina's Women's Title and delivers a huge shot to the back of Melina's head. While she is down, Maria yells something at Melina and slowly walks away from the ring, title in hand with an evil smile on her face.

Morrison runs down to the ring and checks on the downed Melina and looks back at Maria. Maria stops at the top of the ramp and out comes Ziggler with the IC Title and he puts his arm around Maria as they both stare down Morrison with smiles of satisfaction on their faces. Morrison seethes at them and looks back down at the fallen Melina.

So what do you guys think, feud of 2009 or just another bust like Ricky Ortiz's whole WWE career? (LOL guys I had to throw that one in.)

Comment below please, catch ya laterz!


--The Anonymous One  



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