Updated Fantasy Football Preseason Rankings – WR

The SportmeistersAnalyst ISeptember 6, 2009

FOXBORO, MA - AUGUST 20:  Randy Moss #81 of the New England Patriots catches a pass during warm ups against the Cincinnati Bengals during their preseason game at Gillette Stadium on August 20, 2009 in Foxboro, Massachusetts.  (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

By Derek of The Sportmeisters

Hello Football Fans! The Preseason is almost over, so I thought I would update my Preseason Fantasy Rankings for the Wide Receivers. Let’s Do It!

1. Randy Moss: New England Patriots

Projection: 92 Receptions 1335 Yards 17 TD


2. Larry Fitzgerald: Arizona Cardinals

Projection: 99 Receptions 1455 Yards 12 TD


3. Andre Johnson: Houston Texans

Projection: 105 Receptions 1485 Yards 10 TD


4. Reggie Wayne: Indianapolis Colts

Projection: 100 Receptions 1410 Yards 10 TD


5. Calvin Johnson: Detroit Lions

Projection: 88 Receptions 1340 Yards 12 TD


6. Steve Smith: Carolina Panthers

Projection: 95 Receptions 1400 Yards 10 TD


7. Anquan Boldin: Arizona Cardinals

Projection: 92 Receptions 1225 Yards 11 TD


8. Roddy White: Atlanta Falcons

Projection: 90 Receptions 1350 Yards 9 TD


9. Greg Jennings: Green Bay Packers

Projection: 86 Receptions 1305 Yards 10 TD


10. Terrell Owens: Buffalo Bills

Projection: 85 Receptions 1255 Yards 11 TD


11. Marques Colston: New Orleans Saints

Projection: 90 Receptions 1175 Yards 10 TD


12. Chad Ochocinco: Cincinnati Bengals

Projection: 90 Receptions 1200 Yards 8 TD

Updated Projection: 95 Receptions 1300 Yards 9 TD

OK, everyone already knows how bad Ochocinco was last year, but everyone also knows that was mostly due to QB Carson Palmer being injured. I mean, seriously, who is going to have a good season with Ryan Fitzpatrick throwing the ball and their best running back being Cedric Benson?

Well, Palmer is back and healthy this year and Ochocinco has looked good in Preseason with six catches for 151 Yards in three games with limited action. This is why I have moved him up from 15 to 12. Most people have jumped off the bandwagon, so you may be able to steal him in the fifth or sixth round.

13. Wes Welker: New England Patriots

Projection: 115 Receptions 1215 Yards 7 TD

Welker hasn’t lost any value, but in a standard league, touchdowns count more than catches and I think Ocho Cinco will catch more touchdowns. However, if you play in a PPR league, Welker should be in your Top 10 and has much more value.

14. T.J. Houshmandzadeh: Seattle Seahawks

Projection: 90 Receptions 1150 Yards 8 TD


15. Roy Williams: Dallas Cowboys

Projection: 85 Receptions 1175 Yards 7 TD


16. DeSean Jackson: Philadelphia Eagles

Projection: 80 Receptions 1050 Yards 7 TD

Updated Projection: 85 Receptions 1100 Yards 7 TD


17. Vincent Jackson: San Diego Chargers

Projection: 70 Receptions 1100 Yards 7 TD

Updated Projection: 75 Receptions 1200 Yards 7 TD

18. Dwayne Bowe: Kansas City Chiefs

Projection: 88 Receptions 1200 Yards 9 TD

Updated Projection: 80 Receptions 1125 Yards 8 TD

Bowe was in a great scenario coming into this season. He has a new pass friendly offensive minded head coach, and is the only real threat in the offense after the team traded TE Tony Gonzalez.

Now, he doesn’t know if QB in Matt Cassel will be ready for week one, and he was dropped from his starting spot. He is too talented to stay second string for long and it looks like he has worked his way back into the starting lineup. Bowe should see an increased amount of balls thrown his way and should come off the board between the third and fifth rounds, but I’m not completely sold on him, and that’s why I dropped him from 14 to 18 on this list.

19. Lee Evans: Buffalo Bills

Projection: 80 Receptions 1100 Yards 7 TD


20. Braylon Edwards: Cleveland Browns

Projection: 75 Receptions 1050 Yards 7 TD


21. Eddie Royal: Denver Broncos

Projection: 95 Receptions 975 Yards 6 TD

Updated Projection: 100 Receptions 1050 Yards 6 TD

Royal had a great year last year. He grabbed 91 balls for 980 yards and five touchdowns, but that was with Jay Cutler at QB, not Kyle Orton. However, there is talk of him playing a Wes Welker type role in the new offense and that means a ton of catches, which is extremely useful in PPR leagues. Look for him in the later part of the middle rounds, and definitely before that in PPR leagues.

22. Bernard Berrian: Minnesota Vikings

Projection: 60 Receptions 975 Yards 7 TD

Updated Projection: 70 Receptions 1075 Yards 8 TD

We finally know that Brett Favre will be throwing to Berrian this year. Minnesota is a run first team and Berrian is a streaky fantasy player, but Favre will get him the ball. Because of Favre, I have moved Berrian up from 27 to 22. If you want him, you can find him in the middle rounds.

23. Hines Ward: Pittsburgh Steelers

Projection: 78 Receptions 1000 Yards 7 TD

Updated Projection: 80 Receptions 1050 Yards 7 TD

24. Anthony Gonzalez: Indianapolis Colts

Projection: 75 Receptions 975 Yards 6 TD

Updated Projection: 77 Receptions 1000 Yards 7 TD

No Marvin Harrison means good things for Gonzalez. He had a good year last year with 57 Receptions for 664 yards and four touchdowns. He played mostly in the slot last year, and will move outside to Reggie Wayne’s old spot as Peyton Manning’s number two guy. He will still split receptions with TE Dallas Clark, but that should be enough to make him a steal in the later part of the middle rounds. Did I mention his QB is Peyton Manning? That fact alone moves him up from 26 to 24.

25. Santonio Holmes: Pittsburgh Steelers

Projection: 75 Receptions 975 Yards 6 TD

Updated Projection: 77 Receptions 1000 Yards 6 TD

26. Santana Moss: Washington Redskins

Projection: 77 Receptions 1000 Yards 6 TD

27. Brandon Marshall: Denver Broncos

Projection: 90 Receptions 1175 Yards 7 TD

Updated Projection: 77 Receptions 950 Yards 6 TD

Marshall has dealt with a lot this year. He has a new Head Coach in Josh McDaniels, a new quarterback in Kyle Orton, and dealing with all the hoopla he created after requesting a trade. Plus, he was suspended from the team for acting like a child at practice. Despite all that, Marshall is a fantastic receiver and has put up back-to-back 100 catch seasons. I don’t think he will reach 100 receptions again without Jay Cutler, and the fact that he hasn’t even bothered to learn the new playbook, but if he can work things out with McDaniels, he could still put up decent numbers. McDaniels does like to throw the ball. Marshall’s draft stock has dramatically fallen and I have moved him down to 27 from 13. I wouldn’t draft him, but you can take your chances if you like.

28. Jerricho Cotchery : New York Jets

Projection: 80 Receptions 1000 Yards 5 TD

29. Lance Moore: New Orleans Saints

Projection: 70 Receptions 900 Yards 6 TD

30. Devin Hester: Chicago Bears

Projection: 70 Receptions 875 Yards 5 TD

As you can see, not much has changed, but I have updated my projections based on their preseason play. The WR position is one of the most important positions in fantasy football, so choose wisely. Any questions or concerns, email me at Derek@Sportmeisters.com.