Bullet Points

Moneypuck -Contributor ISeptember 5, 2009

There has been a lot that has happened the last week or so, I started a very long post about Paul Kelly getting fired, but that before all the new fun stuff broke like Kelly reading private NHLPA players only minutes or claims that Lindross and new interim ED Penny where spending millions of union funds.

And then Kelly denies this
And then Healy "Resigns".

It was at this point I realized it may be easier to timeline the Coyotes incident (kidding of course, someone is going to write a book on that, and nobody will buy it because we're all sick of it already).

So ya on Kelly, I find it hard to believe a man of his stature would go and invade the PA's privacy after how violently the players reacted to Ted Saskin's firing. That’s like watching your friend poke a bear with a stick, see the bear chase him, and then you yourself poke the bear with a stick.

In the report by Dreger, it said some players complained to Kelly that the Union's constitution was being violated, but still I have a hard time believing Kelly would follow suit with Saskin's mistake unless the circumstances were dire.

For Healy's resignation, I'm not sure if he actually gave a reason other than the players no longer trust him. There’s a whole bunch on mumbo-jumbo there about Gretzky and Lemieux, while they probably raised the salary spiral a lot during their days, I fail to see why their names are of any huge relevance. He got pressured to leave, end of story, just say that.

On Heatley, Alfie's comments may seem to make one believe the Sens don't want Heatley back, but the comments weren't that bad and really what happened to being professionals. I'm sure people don't like others at their jobs who they work with, thus frictional unemployment. However Heatley is one of the premier offensive players in the league, he’s an incredible asset and you better get some great value in return.

If not, suck it up, look the other way, play hockey and spit on his picture when you get home.

On Luongo, another long-term front-loaded deal with most likely some "wink winks" about how long Roberto will play. Again here is my solution on how to fix it.

On the Versus thing, DirectTV will not have Versus on its package due to their extremely high demands.

Its a hardball move, and I can't see DirectTV giving in. Versus doesn't exactly broadcast a glutton of hockey games that fans will protest over this, nor is their presentation TSN-like either. MMA is a infrequent payperview event that people usually go out for, and Sports Soup, well we all love comedy, but I'm sure most people aren't devastated by the loss of a hour long sports blooper show (it may be 1/2 hour don't hold my word for it).

Comcast is way overestimating their leverage in my opinion.

On Kessel, listen the guy shot 6.5 and 8.9% in his first two seasons before a huge jump to 15.5% this last season. Even if its at a very young age, I dare anyone here to name ten players with a decent enough sample size who double their career shooting percentage.

His demands are five million and I don't blame Boston for not giving in, he’s not worth it and playing with Savard hurt. He hasn't scored enough at a consistent enough basis in the NHL to show he’s worth that kind of dough. Remember as an RFA he needs to be signed by December (there’s an exact date in the CBA but I'm too lazy to look it up) if he’s not signed, he goes void and isn't eligible to play this year. Boston has also stated they're willing to wait until he returns from his injury to stay in this stalemate, which is around the same time.