BYU Upsets Oklahoma! Quick Takes and Afterthoughts

Brian NelsonCorrespondent ISeptember 6, 2009

FORT WORTH, TX - SEPTEMBER 28:  Running back Manase Tonga #11 of the Brigham Young University Cougars celebrates a touchdown with Fui Vakapuna #1 and McKay Jacobson #80 during play against the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs at Amon G. Carter Stadium on September 28, 2006 in Fort Worth, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

The Mountain West just made a huge statement. Again.

So did BYU. Who now gets Florida State, Utah and TCU all at home.

The MWC has now won three straight games against non-conference top ten opponents.

All wins by three different teams on neutral fields. Can any other conference come close to saying this?

The MWC probably clinched a BCS berth tonight.

The BYU defense was spectacular. They bent but never broke.

Big win for BYU, Bronco Mendenhall, and Max Hall. All of whom have been plagued by the inability to win "the big ones."

Was the term "Big Game Bob" coined out of sarcasm?

OU's offensive line lost this game. They were flagged all day long. At crucial times. While it's never easy to replace four lineman and a tight end, that still falls on coaching.

The difference tonight? Third down efficiency: BYU: 8-17, OU: 2-11

The difference in third down efficiency? Pitta vs. Gresham. Two of the best TE's in the country. Gresham was hurt. Pitta was clutch. He was Hall's go-to on key third and fourth downs.

Play of the Game: BYU no-huddle pass to Pitta on fourth down and four. They caught OU completely off-guard. Nice to see Bronco and BYU think out-of-the-box.

Gerald McCoy is a beast. Where does that combo of speed and size come from?

I was impressed with Sam Bradford's leadership all night. Especially on the sidelines after he got hurt. He is a special player and leader. Tim Tebow should be sharing more of that spotlight.

College Football will not be the same until Bradford returns.

Guess which team had to replace four offensive linemen, lost key personnel to the NFL, had a star player hurt before the game and had a team leader injured in the first half? They both did. BCS apologists and pundits please make note of this.

They won't. Expect the BCS pundits and BCSPN to over dramatize the Bradford and Gresham injuries to justify how OU lost.

Injuries definitely had an impact, but the game was very close even with Bradford. Credit BYU for holding Bradford to only ten points in the first half. His only TD coming off a shortened field.

Besides, wasn't the big knock on the non-BCS always about their lack of depth anyway? They couldn't survive the "grind".

BYU held up fine without star RB Harvey Unga and their best tackler LB Matt Bauman.
While OU made many mistakes tonight, BYU had plenty of their own. Fumble in the red zone, fumbled punt return, two interceptions and two costly Delay of Game penalties. They were lucky to come away with a win.

Coming off the heels of the Utah-Alabama Sugar Bowl, the BCS is running out of arguments...they should stop fighting the MWC or risk losing the whole thing.

Remember the lynch-pin to Harvey Perlman's speech to congress against the MWC was they lacked Nebraska's "tough" schedule. Nebraska only played three ranked teams last year (Utah played four) and BYU has four slated for this year.

Nebraska's toughest opponent: Oklahoma.

Nice argument Perl. Oh and by the way, TCU was OU's best victory last year and that still got them in the NC Title game. Hmm!

If Utah beats Oregon and TCU beats Virginia and Clemson this year, an undefeated MWC champ should be headed to the Rose Bowl. The second week in January.

Despite a sound game and a stellar fourth quarter drive, Max Hall seemed to have that deer in the head light look for most of the game. But hey, he was clutch. Bronco Mendenhall said he let Hall call his own play the last drive. He didn't have the deer look then.

The BYU defense was terrific. With Utah, TCU, and BYU all defensive oriented coaches, is this now a defensive conference?

If so, it's still interesting to note that MWC derived offenses have helped win four out of the last five National Championships - Urban Meyer (Florida - former Utah HC), Gary Crowton (LSU - former BYU HC) and Norm Chow (USC - former BYU OC).

TCU and Utah also won big time tonight without even playing. This will bring unprecedented attention to the slug-fest between the MWC triumvirate.

However, Utes and Frogs beware, you just got served notice. Guess whoelse  just figured out how to win big games?

Is their a more compelling conference battle in the country right now? College GameDay anyone?

Credit still needs to be given to OU for scheduling a tough non-conference opponent. Why can't more teams do this? It's so much better for the fans, networks, revenue, etc. They should make it a requirement for BCS citizenship.

Scheduling tough out of conference games proved very prudent for the Sooners last year. Non-conference wins over TCU and Cincinnati were the biggest difference in helping OU beat out Texas in the BCS.

Dallas Cowboys Stadium is unreal. What a venue for college football. I hope games like this become an annual tradition. 

LeGarrette Blount's suspension hurts Boise State's BCS hopes, but not as much as BYU's win tonight. On that same note, BYU should wish Bradford a speedy recovery.

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