Mets Fans in Disbelief of Slow Start

Matthew CohenCorrespondent IMay 22, 2008

To be honest, this is getting sickening.

It would be different if this team couldn't do better, but it can.

The Mets have a good starting rotation, a pretty good bullpen, and a nice lineup. Speed at the top, big boppers in the middle, and decent guys at the bottom.

The problem all year has been hitting with runners in scoring position. It seems to especially be a problem for David Wright, Carlos Beltran, and Carlos Delgado.

I'm not saying that everyone on the team has been dreadful, but they can all be better.

Watching this team is like watching a movie that you've seen and, even when you don't remember what happens, it hits you and you get disappointed all over again.

The pitching has been fine, generally, but no team can win ballgames consistently when it only scores nine runs in a four-game series, as the Mets did while being swept by the Braves this week.

What's worse is all the off-the-field stuff surrounding the team. This team just needs to forget about what's happened this year and go out fighting for their lives. That's what the Phillies did last year, and it worked well for them.

In general, this is a "soft" team. They all need to get that swagger back from a couple years ago and just play. I'm tired of hearing excuses about this and that and why they aren't playing well.

Like Wright said, they need to be "ticked off" when they play like crap. But, unfortunately, it just doesn't seem like anyone is visibly distressed about the teams struggles.

If they give a damn about Willie Randolph, this weekend against the Rockies needs to be played well, and they need to win.