Hold on Liverpool Haters: The Reds Are Not Done Yet

KabeeR JoshiCorrespondent ISeptember 6, 2009

Liverpool have started the Premier League season in a very shallow and appalling way.

Losing two of the opening four games has made them the talk of the town.

An opening day trouncing against Spurs and a home defeat against Villa have sent shock waves around the league.

Questions are being raised about whether Liverpool can really duplicate last season's performance, and be the title contender or not.

"Liverpool are done", " Liverpool can not win the title", "Forget about Liverpool, they are not title contenders" was the sentiment of many of the headlines in newspapers after just four Premier League games.

People who write off Liverpool just now are simply dumb, or do not really know about how the English Premier League works year in year out.

Yossi Benayoun said previously, after the Villa defeat, that: "Maybe we cannot lose any more games until the end of the season but we believe we are strong enough to be there till the end."

He meant business indeed.

People say History repeats itself. And that is what we, Liverpool fans, need to keep in mind by having a shot at history since the Premier League started.

No team has won the league title by losing more than three matches in the year. The "Invincibles" of Arsenal won it by not losing a single game that season in 2003-04.

Liverpool are waiting for the 19th title to come home and this could be just more than coincidence. Man Utd won their first Premier League title in 1993 and they lost two of their opening four games. Losing six games overall that season.

Looking at the following stats there is no room for Liverpool fans to fear that the league title is gone out of their hands.

If Liverpool do not lose anymore games till Christmas then, who knows, the league title could be on its way to where it belongs, Anfield.

Year 2008-09 Man Utd lost 4 games

Year 2007-08 Man Utd lost 5 games

Year 2006-07 Man Utd lost 5 games

Year 2005-06 Chelsea lost 6 games

Year 2002-03 Man Utd lost 5 games

Year 2001-02 Arsenal lost 3 games

Year 2000-01 Man Utd lost 6 games

Year 1999-00 Man Utd lost 3 games

Year 1998-99 Man Utd lost 3 games

Year 1997-98 Arsenal lost 6 games

Year 1996-97 Man Utd lost 5 games

Year 1995-96 Man Utd lost 6 games

Year 1994-95 Blackburn lost 7 games

Year 1993-94 Man Utd lost 4 games

Year 1992-93 Man Utd lost 6 games

The figures itself show that losing two of the opening four games does not mean you can not win the league title.

Only a fool would write Liverpool off after just four games being played.

Liverpool could still win the title provided they do not lose more games and show their best performances against the rest of the big four, and against the not-so-strong teams like Stoke, West Ham, Hull City etc.

The margin for error for Liverpool is next to nil after they lost their two games. They can not afford to lose any more games until the end of the season. It will be difficult for the Reds to win the league—but not impossible.

Chelsea is the only team out of the big four not to taste defeat yet. So the league is quite open and it's anyone's to take.

There is reason why we say:"Though your dreams be tossed and blown, walk on, walk on with hope in your heart and you will never walk alone."