In Rod We Trust: Michigan Gets A Big Win But Still Has Much To Prove

Matt JCorrespondent ISeptember 5, 2009

The renovations are done and the sound is unbearable now said one fan. That could be due to the new renovations and even bigger stadium, but another big part of that is definitely the excitement and the joy of a new season and seeing the Wolverines win. 

It couldn't have happened at a better time, Michigan needed this win for more than one reason and they got it. Some people have already taken to calling Tate Forcier, Tate "the great", and I can see why. 

Here's a true freshman coming in with all the weight of this new season on his shoulders. It's up to him to prove to everyone that Michigan won't be 3-9 this year and that he deserves to be there leader. 

He threw for 3 touchdowns, and 2 of them were very nice throws. Not to mention he didn't throw one interception or have one fumble. Not bad for the new kid in town. He of course didn't do it all by himself. 

Denard Robinson came in and the very first time he hiked he was getting ready to jet through the defense, when the whistle was blown for a penalty. That didn't discourage him though, the very next play he got the ball and ran for a long touchdown of over 30 yards. 

The Michigan offense was really clicking today, but their first real test will be next week against the Fighting Irish. Michigan has made me even more of a believer that they can win that game. 

They will rely a lot on their defense that game, and the good news for them is that the defense is looking amazing. Donovan Warren finally really stepped up and looked like he had been out there forever doing this. 

He laid some bruising tackles on WMU wide receivers in this game. I think he will continue to do that throughout the season and continue to be a leader for that secondary. 

This game was expected to be won though, I had them winning by 21 or more and they didn't let me down. Their first real big test will be next week though. It should come down to the end of the game.

With the likes of Robinson and Tate I really am liking there chances in this game. 

They still have a lot to prove this season, but so far they are really making me a believer and taking full advantage of all of there opportunities.