Gophers Come Back To Win In Overtime

Dave SmithCorrespondent ISeptember 5, 2009

The Minnesota Gophers started their first game in Syracuse hoping to get a good start to a great season.

They began the game with Syracuse fumbling the first possession at their own 16 yard-line with the ball ending up with the Gophers. The Gophers then capitalized on a Duane Bennet 16 yard touchdown run just 19 seconds into play.

Syracuse then managed to get a field goal, but was then followed on by a seven yard TD pass to Troy Staudemire for an early 14 to 3 Gopher lead.

Next Paulas answered with a 29 yard TD pass of his own to one of the Nations best, Mike Williams, to cut the Gopher lead to four.

Midway through the second quarter, Syracuse's kicker Lichtenstein hit a 26 yard field-goal to get them closer only down by one.

Following the field goal, running back Carter finished off a drive with a one-yard dive to take a 20 to 14 lead at the break.

Not a good start that the Gophers were hoping for, but they were still hoping to come back from this early deficit.

Entering the third quarter, the only score any team could manage to get was a field goal by Goher kicker Ellestad to shorten the lead to three.

Still trailing late in the fourth quarter, the Gophers managed to create a 14 play, 79 yard drive into a field-goal to tie the game up at 20 with 57 seconds remaining.

Syracuse failed to score with 57 seconds so they were forced to go into overtime where the Gophers elected to start out on defense.

It was a good pick after all for the gophers as quarterback Paulas was pressured in the pocket and threw a pick to the Gophers' defense, ending a good drive that made it all the way to the five yard-line.

Minnesota played conservatively barley moving the ball, but were still able to connect on a 35-yard field goal to take the victory over Syracuse.

This game was kind of a mediocre start for the Gophers, only managing to win in overtime.

All-in-all a win is a win and the Gophers will need that in order to fulfil any dreams for a bowl game.