A Thin Line Between Appreciation and Unsatisfaction

James TurnerCorrespondent ISeptember 5, 2009

     I hope this article depicts the title of this article.

     I've read hundreds of articles on B/R. Thousands I read back when I use to go to wrestlezone.com every single day of my life three times a day. From 2002 till this present day, I've read so much about storylines and wrestlers losing and building momentum and lack of creativity. You get my point.

     I use to read the articles and forums and actually wondered what a lot of these terms meant. Terms like "face" or "heels" or "storylines" or "creative team" "IWC" (took me awhile to get that one). I wasn't all into the internet talk. I just enjoyed watching wrestling.

     Don't get me wrong, WWE and TNA are the ones I watch, mainly WWE and there are times where I would think to myself, what are the writers thinking? Whatever they do, I give them credit for trying new things and going with the flow. 

    I always admired watching since I first started watching at 2 years old. I'm 24 years old now and I just got my theater degree. Over the past couple years, I've come to APPRECIATE wrestling to a new degree.

    Wrestling is theater. And as a theater major, I've been in many plays at my college and it just goes with the script. My very first play I had an incident where the lights came back on before me and the two other characters got on stage into our positions to start the scene. So my character passed out on my arms and we started the scene offstage and made our way into our set positions while still saying our lines.

     I think about another time when I was watching New Year's Resolutions when DX fought Rated RKO. HHH injured his leg during that spinebuster (Still disturbing to watch). Everyone in the arena knew HHH was injured and a deep sign of disbelief hit the whole arena because they knew it was about to become the end of DX.

     One thing I respect about HHH is that he continues the match and will put his body on the line for the sake of the company. And he did that match as the ending of this match was better than perhaps the original ending.

     Point I'm trying to make is that wrestling is theater in its own life. They go with the flow and they improvise.

     We as fans need to appreciate the craft of wrestling and stop criticizing every little thing that the creative team does.

     So what if they push Khali or if they push Kozlov and not Sheldon Benjamin or Matt Hardy. And I love Benjamin and Hardy. But I love the profession more. As long as they are putting together something I love to watch then I'm fine.

     We as fans are never going to become satisfied with the WWE/TNA product. I mean in reality, that's America for you. Full of selfish, hypocritical people who are ALWAYS unsatisfied and want more. I sound like Chris Jericho.

     Everyone down talks John Cena and hate him so much. For what? They are plenty of other wrestlers who came before him that sucked ass but we loved to watch them wrestle. Stone Cold/The Rock/HHH all had the same five moves and people loved them. They were more entertaining than Cena I do know this. But they were no better in the ring.

     That's the beauty of professional wrestling. They push the ones you may love and may put the world title belt on someone you really can't stand to see in the ring. At least with Cena, he puts on good matches, five moves or not.

     This article may not make much sense to the average reader if you even got this far reading this. That's fine with me. I just needed to let this out. I'm just tired of reading people complaining. I do read them though. That's because I want to know how others feel.

      Many of the articles on B/R do give me a new insight to wrestling or a certain wrestler but when someone whines about a particular storyline or wrestler, it makes me question that person and their character.

      These wrestlers are characters. They are here to entertain us and give us the best they can. As fans, all we can do and should do is appreciate what they do. Point Blank.