NFL Concussion Policy Missing Crucial Element

Mahercor .comCorrespondent ISeptember 28, 2007

They improve what happens to a player after he suffers a concussion, but do NOTHING to prevent them from happening in the first place.  
Although concussions are not completely preventable, there is something the NFL could do to reduce the likelihood of them. The New England Patriots’ dentist, Dr. Gerald Maher of Mahercor Laboratories, has developed the Maher Mouth Guard, a medical device similar to a mouthpiece that can be used to reduce a player’s susceptibility to concussions. 
Mark Picot, executive vice president of Mahercor, compared the device to a seatbelt; it reduces the chances of being seriously injured. 
The mouthpiece stabilizes the jaw, which is helpful because most concussions are sustained from blows to this area. So far, no NFL player wearing The Maher Mouth Guard has ever succumbed to a concussion from a blow to the jaw.
The mouth guard has also been used for players in the Arena Football League and for six world-champion boxers. 
Although this seems like a must-have for all football players, the Patriots are the only ones in the NFL wearing them. Dr. Maher has contacted the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell about his findings regarding concussions and the success of his device, but his words have fallen upon deaf ears. 
The NFL conducts its concussion research with antiquated automotive crash dummies. They use a sensor in the center of the dummy’s head to measure energy transfer. It is obvious that a sensor in the middle of a fake head does nothing to measure the energy transfer in the jaw, and thus does nothing to study how most concussions are caused. 
Why does the NFL refuse to recognize this research and a product that could help them prevent concussions? Perhaps it would prove their liability because they have known about this device and haven’t provided it to their players. 
Whatever the reason, it is unimportant. There is way to reduce concussions that NFL is ignoring. Meanwhile, players are suffering and causing irreparable harm to their brains.