On The Road To History: Why Boise State Will Be The National Champions

Chase RuttigCorrespondent ISeptember 5, 2009

BOISE, ID - SEPTEMBER 3:  Kellen Moore #11 of Boise State throws a pass against the Oregon Ducks in first quarter of the game on September 3, 2009 at Broncos Stadium in Boise, Idaho. (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)

Entering the first real day of the college football season the sports world is buzzing over LeGarrette Blount's sucker punch at the end of their season kickoff tilt on Thursday.

That is not what they should be talking about.

What should be talked about is that Boise State beat a Top 25 team and has finished its top competition and are on the fast track to be the NCAA's only undefeated team this year.

Which should mean that Boise State barring a screwup by the computers, which is prone to happening have a serious shot at a spot in the BCS National Championship Game.

Boise State's slate for the rest of the year is the easiest of any of the Top 25 teams and they should blow the rest of their opponents out of the water. They have a more balanced attack than they have ever had and they have a good young quarterback in Sophmore Kellen Moore and should be able to handle everyone easily.

The debate is whether you would move Boise State up or down in the standings after a win against a weak opponent I think that won't happen as BCS Conferences have easy non-conference games and don't lose in the polls for it.

Boise State has another good team and are now recognized as a elite program and are recognizable all over the country by fans and voters alike. They score a lot of points and have players that get them on SportsCenter every week.

The Broncos are victims of a bad conference and can't choose the caliber of opponent they play in the majority of their games and they shouldn't be penalized for it. They just proved they could hang with the best in the Pac-10 by beating a team that was considered to finish in the top half of the Pac-10 before the sucker punch incident.

If the Broncos were in the Mountain West for example, they would be instantly considered as big time players in the title race this year just by virture of conference prestige.

If Boise State rock all of their conference opponents the way they should they should be able to overcome the scarlet letter they have.

Boise State is one of the best teams in college football and will be in the BCS Party when the holidays come around, but something bigger is in store for the Broncos this year, I can just feel it.