Stupid Move, WWE: Morrison Wins IC Gold and Ziggler Has To Wait Once Again

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIISeptember 5, 2009

While I was watching what is sure to be one of the best matches of the year, on SmackDown with John Morrison and Rey Mysterio last night, I thought to myself, why is Morrison getting his shot at the Intercontinental Title when Dolph Ziggler deserves it?

In fact, Ziggler has been in the hunt for the IC Title for some time. So why in God's name do you give Morrison the title shot and the win while Ziggler has to wait until Breaking Point?

Some believe that because Morrison is a face, he had to take the place of the suspended Rey Mysterio at Breaking Point. They could have had Ziggler win the title, and then have an injury angle. Therefore, Morrison could face and lose to Ziggler at Breaking Point. Then, he could do a small storyline with him until Mysterio got back.

Now the WWE is in a pickle. They have been pushing John Morrison for a while now, more so in the World Title hunt, not so much with the IC Title.

If they were to have him lose to Ziggler at Breaking Point, only nine days after winning it on SmackDown, it makes Morrison look like a weak champion and doesn't make him a believable World Title threat.

While Ziggler deserves the title more than anyone, he will have to wait another month or so to hold it. The WWE cannot take the title off Morrison now, especially after he had such a stellar match against a veteran like Rey Mysterio to win it.

This PPV would be the the time Ziggler attained gold for the first time if Mysterio wasn't suspended. So basically, Ziggler can thank Mysterio once again for screwing him out of the IC Title.

See, Rey Mysterio had been whining about getting a longer title reign, despite having a pretty good one after Wrestlemania with his first IC Title reign. This is why they had Ziggler lose to him at the last two PPVs

If Mysterio was not suspended, the WWE was definitely going to put the title on Ziggler, there is no doubt about it.

But now, Morrison is the current champion. Keep in mind, this is not Morrison's first IC Title reign. The WWE is trying to make it look like Morrison is just now getting into the singles world, but he is a documented singles champion.

He has been a Tag Team Champion many times, but also a numerous IC Champion along with being an ECW Champion.

So, Ziggler should lose to him if the WWE wants to make it believable.  

The issue is once you have Morrison go over on Ziggler, it slows Ziggler's push even more. Ziggler has been getting a nice push because the WWE thinks he has a ton of potential is considered the next Rick Rude.

Ziggler deserves gold, but if he keeps losing at every PPV, it makes him look too weak to hold a title. And if he does win a title, it is hard to think that he is good enough to hold onto it.

Of course Morrison vs Ziggler is going to be a good match, but the way the WWE went about getting them both in the match was stupid. This slows one push down, while boosting another up.

They should have had Ziggler win on SmackDown, then retain at Breaking Point against Morrison. If Morrison lost to Ziggler, it would be OK because he has not fought for a singles title at a PPV for some time.

Ziggler has fought for the IC Title at the last two, so he does have more recent experience on the big stage than Morrison. It makes sense when you break it down.

The WWE once again shot themselves in the foot, because now they knock down one of their youngest and most rising stars.