Time to Send Little Indians Back to the Buffalo Reservation

Bob DaBuckeyeCorrespondent IMay 22, 2008

As we near the 33% mark of the season coming shortly after Memorial Day, it's time to look at the mess the season has become and right the proverbial ship.

Starting Pitching gets a B grade. The Big Two have had more problems then was expected. The rest of the starters, lead by Cliff Lee, have done a fantastic job. With Westbrook coming back, a tough decision will have to be made as to who loses their spot.

The offense has been horrible.

With the exception of Victor Martinez, who is suffering from a lack of a single home run so far, and the recent call up Ben Francisco, the offense has been offensive.

The biggest villains have been Hafner, Cabrera, and Marte.

Cabrera needs to go down and regain his swing. He looks completely outclassed at the plate right now. Why let his confidence continue to get shattered by keeping him up at this level?

Hafner looks like he's lost the ability to hit. He needs to stop worrying about where to place the ball and just hack away.

Marte is someone that management is high on, but they don't give him what he needs most: a run of 3-5 weeks starting five times a week. Give him a solid chance to show his stuff or cut him loose already. He's taking up valuable roster spot. Franklin Gutierrez also could benefit from going down for awhile.

How to help this sorry mess out isn't really that hard.

Choo is about ready to be recalled from the DL and could take F.G.'s spot. Sign Kenny Lofton and bring him back for a last hurrah as an Indian. He'd provide a spark and give leadership to a team lacking it.

Promote Buffalo's second and third baseman (that would be Barfield and Herr). Stick them in the lineup and see what happens. Blake is a versatile player and can help out at 1B and the OF when not playing at third. Use Hafner in a platoon at DH until he comes around, if he does.

Trade-bait would include: any OF-er not named Sizemore, some of our starting pitching depth, and our Minor League talent.

The Usual Suspects of: Nady, Bay, Roberts, Inge, Atkins and Holliday make sense as they are players available for the right price. Talks should be starting as well for C.C. Sabathia if the season takes a sharper turn South by the All-Star break.

Losing him for draft picks makes absolutely no sense.

Look at what we picked up for Colon in a similar spot: Sizemore, Lee, and the traded All-Star Brandon Phillips. Boy, does the Phillips trade look bad now. I have to think that that trade is why Tribe management is so worried about Marte leaving.

It's time for a new batting coach as well. I almost wonder if the players are tanking to cost Wedge his job as well.

Shaking things up a bit will get the players attention.

It's time to right the ship before it crashes. Wedge and Shapiro you are on the clock.

Make it count.