Tendulkar's Theory Of Breaking Up ODI Innings

Vishrut AggarwalCorrespondent ISeptember 5, 2009

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND - FEBRUARY 27:  Sachin Tendulkar of India warms up with his side before the second Twenty20 international match between the New Zealand Blacks Caps and India at Westpac Stadium on February 27, 2009 in Wellington, New Zealand.  (Photo by Marty Melville/Getty Images)

I dont write articles for the sake of it. I write beacuse I enjoy it and I like to express my views. I have no intention to become rank 1 on BR or have great fame. But I wish that people read my article and comment on them so that I can work on my mistakes and improve my skills. I would also like to know how people think about my views and would like to know their opinion about certain topics.

Right now our Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar has made a suggestion that ODI cricket, which is about to die because of the increasing T20 matches, can be revived by having  four innings' matches.

He thinks that in ODIs each team should have a 25 over innings at a stretch, then a time out, and then it should play the remaining 25 overs. This can help in the survival of One Day cricket and will increase the number of results in ODIs. 

He also thinks that this will help the teams to plan their strategies and play accordingly. In day and night matches both teams will get to play under lights and will have the advantage of offer of bad light.  

Well let us see what I think about his suggestion.

According to me this is niether a bad idea nor a good idea.

It is not a bad idea because it will give the players time to think and plan their strategies and also give them an opportunity to perform better. In the time out the batsmen will have time to work on their ups and downs, the can take advice from their fellow players on how to play in the next session and other concerns can also be discussed.

The fileding team also will get a break and can take some rest. They can then plan how to set the field thereon and send which bowlers to attack.

If the batting team saves its ten wickets in the first session then it can attack in the next session and post a huge total. If it is batting second then it can play according to its needs in its first session and then plan in the time out and play in a different manner in the next session.

It is not a good idea because these "time outs" will take a lot of time, and this will finally lead to the wastage of a whole day in finishing a ODI match.

The ODIs will take a long time to end and this will decrease the number of viewership of One Day cricket.

The players will also find it irritating and tiring in the end because it will become more like a Test Match with four short innings.

So on the whole I think that, the ICC should think about this and make its decision accordingly.

Disclaimer- I have no intention of proving Tendulkar's point wrong or disagreeing with him. This is just an article and I am just expresing my opinion. Tendulkar is my favourite player and I am a big fan of his.