Trade Time: Cleveland Browns Quarterbacks

Jonathan ReedContributor ISeptember 5, 2009

CLEVELAND - NOVEMBER 30:  Quarterback Derek Anderson #3 of the Cleveland Browns passes the ball during their NFL game against the Indianapolis Colts on November 30, 2008 at Cleveland Browns Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio. The Colts defeated the Browns 10-6.  (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Check all the cables, Turn up the surround sound, get in the leather recliner and get ready for week one.

That's the thought for about 30 team's average fans. But not the Browns. We have battled back and forth with QB's since Romeo was fired. At one time there was some small anticipation that Brett Farve might come to Cleveland. But now that's all over. We know that the QB is going to be . . . . .oh wait! It seems that we know about the same amount of information on who's starting as we did in January when Mangini was hired.

Since Mangini has Taken over the Browns have cut players like Kellen Winslow, Joe Jurevicius, Ken Dorsey, Cory Williams, Shaun Smith, Leonard Louis, and many more. He has made it clear that none of the players on the roster at the moment carry any emotional value. There all just a number. Remember before training camp started and Mangini was quoted saying "All player are on the block for the right price".

While I'm on the subject of quotes I would like to make another on that isn't relevant but none the lees made me laugh Mangini said, "In terms of the quarterbacks, I have no additional information on that," Mangini said after the game. "There's nothing really to add." If you don't play either one of them the of course there no new information to go on!

Now, when you try to predict a trade or two you have to look at alot of things. How old are the players? Do they have real game experience. Do we need more depth at this spot? Or do we have an expendable player here. Does a team need depth in at a position and have someone who can bring depth to one of ours. Who's in there senior year of college football that I want on my team for next season. All this and much more has to be asked before you make a trade. After all, this isn't Pokemon cards were talking about.

I have mentioned before and will continue to say that I fully support the trade of the runner up in the QB competition. Whether it be Quinn, Anderson, or both. That's right both. Mangini could very well be making a trade that could rock the city into Lake Erie.

Allow me to be logical first before I layout what I think could be a strange but not unlikely possibility.

I think there's a good possibility for Anderson to be traded by Monday to New England. They have already released two QB's and the more i think about it, the more  see it working. Anderson is a lot like Matt Cassel. In the fact that if he has time to think he will kill you. This is the more likely of my suggestions.

Now for the more adventuress guess.

Two trades, two teams.

If you can't decide who to pick in a QB competition. Or if you decide neither of them can be the teams leader for years to come, trade them off. No more controversy! Get a draft pick and go in to next year for a QB.

In two seperate packages you have three players go to one team and three go another.

Package number one, Derek Anderson, with Braylon Edward's and Jamal Lewis. The three of them traded for a young, two or three years pro offensive lineman and a first round pick. The reason I put this group as one is because you can look at DA and Edwards as a Pro Bowl QB-WR combo.

Package number two, Brady Quinn, Joshua Cribbs and John St. Clair. This group in trade for a good second string QB, a 1st round pick and a linebacker. This group is easily explained. Alot of the league thinks Brady Quinn has the potential to be a Starting NFL QB. Mangini may know differently. Cribbs want a new contract still. Let some other team pay it. That could be the way that Mangini's thinking. Also, John St. Clair has received more penalties then any other player on the team. We all know how Mangini feels about that.

This may be an opinion article but for manyI'm sure humor is on the list two. I ask of you all to keep in mind. it's Mangini. The same guy we said, "He can't do that!" over and over and yet he has. One thing is for sure, you can guess I can guess but come 1:00 P.M. Sept. 13th the world will know.