UFC 103: How Good Will This Card Be?

Mr. JLB1Contributor ISeptember 4, 2009

UFC 103 is looking like a great card.  Has some great fighters involved but can it really top UFC 102?  Todd Duffee, I'll call him the silent killer for now, and his 7 second KO over Tim Hague.  Nate Marquardt and his KO heard around the world really hurt the Demian Maia followers, and believers (including myself), to the point where a big question mark is left on whether Demian Maia's BJJ would be as successful, especially knowing now that his chin is quite weak.  Thiago Silva is back on the right track after beating Keith Jardine by KO.  And Randy Couture, even after losing, put on a hell of a main event after showing his resiliency against the always surprising Antonio Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira.  The rest of the matches were quite entertaining, though these specifically stood out for more for obvious reasons.

As UFC 103 approaches, can this one be just as exciting and just as impactful?  There's been many changes to this card, due to either a move to the Guillard/Diaz Fight Night special or some injuries which required some filling in.  For example, Mike Swick suffered an injury during training which put him out of this PPV.  Now Martin Kampmann will be fighting Paul Daley, a newcomer into the UFC.  Quite a welcoming, especially since the winner of this bout with go ahead and fight the welterweight champ GSP for his title.  Also Thiago Tavares was forced out due to an injury.  Lots has happened already to this card, and we haven't even reached it yet.

Anyway, I'll focus more on the main card.  Though I have a few preliminary card bouts that I'd like to mention.  Jim Miller vs Steve Lopez is one that I'm interested in right now.  Lopez, if anyone knows about him, is actually a pretty good fighter.  He has a 12-1 record, only losing by decision, though the guy has some experience which should do him justice in his Jim Miller fight.  He's a huge underdog though I'm thinking can pull this one, not easily, but he can do it.  Jim Miller, honestly, hasn't much impressed me lately.  Though I wouldn't count him out either.

Efrain Escudero vs Cole Miller is also looking like a good one.  Efrain hasn't fought ever since his win over Phillipe Nover in the TUF 8 finale where he looked quite impressive.  Cole Miller is coming off an impressive victory over the controversial Junie Browning.  This is going to be a nice match-up technical match-up considering both rely heavily on their ground game.  Plus, this'd be the first time we get to see how much Efrain's 'improved' since the last time we've seen him.

As for the Main card, Vitor Belfort vs Rich Franklin is obviously recieving a lot of buzz to the fact that Vitor is back in the UFC.  Who's the underdog here though?  Franklin is coming off a unanimous decision victory over Wanderlei Silva.  Personally, the fight was ok.  Though Belfort will bring out the Rich Franklin we've all learned to love when he first began.  Enough about this fight.

Tyson Griffin vs Hermes Franca looks to be a great bout.  Considering these two still are working their way up the ladder.  These two are capable of an explosive MMA career in the UFC, and I feel that we're being given a treat seeing these two fight.  Hermes Franca just needs to stay away from any... substances.

Josh Koscheck vs Frank Trigg isn't really that exciting for me personally, considering I don't like Trigg much.  Though Koscheck, although arrogant, is a great fighter with a bright future.  Koscheck lost to Paulo Thiago last, which was a huge surprise because Thiago pretty much came out of no where.  I want to see Koscheck become successful in this match-up.

Honestly, these are the ones I'm looking most forward to.  Will it be better then UFC 102, no!  Though it'd be a great card with some exciting fights.  No doubt.  So what are your thoughts, Bleacher Report?