Message For Mack: Devour Your Cupcakes

Dino NicandrosAnalyst ISeptember 4, 2009

It's rare that you see so many quality match-ups so early in a college football season, but that's exactly what we have to look forward to on Saturday.

The Big 12 conference has its fingers in two of those huge games. 

The third ranked Oklahoma Sooners take on the the No. 21 BYU Cougars in the Dallas Cowboys' new stadium in Arlington.  The offensive fireworks will go off early and often when these two high octane offenses do battle.

The ninth ranked Oklahoma State Cowboys face the No. 13 Georgia Bulldogs in Stillwater, in what is to be a very interesting match-up.

As for the second ranked Texas Longhorns, the only real challenge they will face against Sun Belt opponent Louisiana Monroe is the decision of when to take Colt McCoy out and put the second stringers in.

For the tenth straight year, Texas will be facing an opponent from a non-BCS conference to start the season.  The Longhorns have won their season opening contests by an average score of 49-6, and the result of this game will most likely follow suit.

Looking past the first week, Texas faces Wyoming in week two and UTEP two weeks later with Texas Tech sandwiched in between.

In short, Texas faces no real challenge until the annual showdown with Oklahoma on October 17th.

So, with plenty of fluff on tap for the next few weeks, the Longhorns don't really have the marquee opportunity to make a significant statement like other teams around the country.

There is only one option for Mack Brown and his Longhorns: win and win big.

No one expects Texas to falter, or even hiccup for that matter, these first few weeks. The Longhorns simply have to destroy their inferior opponents and make it look as easy as possible in the process.

This may not be as easy as it seems, especially if you're aware of Mack Brown's strong belief in sportsmanship both on and off the field.

I give Mack Brown all the credit in the world for being one of the classiest, humble, and likeable coaches in all of college football.  His players love him and his opponents respect him.

Unfortunately, the BCS formula doesn't look kindly on sportsmanship, or in Brown's case, keeping the score reasonable during routs of Texas opponents.

In other words, margain of victory plays a significant role in positioning teams in the BCS rankings.

Take last year for example.  We all saw Texas beat Oklahoma, 45-35, on a neutral field.  Texas was almost guranteed a spot in the championship game. That is until Texas Tech put a damper on the Longhorn's bid for an undefeated season.

Meanwhile, the Sooners were cruising through their remaining schedule, scoring at least 60 points a game down the stretch.

Mack Brown and his boys would win all of the rest of their games convincingly as well, but in the eyes of the BCS, Oklahoma's victories looked "sexier".

You know the rest of the story...

Many agree that the current system is rubbish and that a win is a win no matter the margain of victory. 

However, the Longhorns had the opportunity to make their wins look more impressive by simply not calling off the dogs as early as they did. 

It's sad that what used to be considered blowouts (ex: 35-7) over lowly opponents aren't good enough anymore.  The BCS favors a 62-14 victory over a 49-14 victory.  Sportsmanship is being discouraged by the BCS by forcing teams to embarrass their opponents long after the game is in hand.

Unfortunately that's the climate of college football today and coaches have to adapt.

That means you, Mack Brown.  If OU is going to hang 60 on their opponents all season long, you have to hang 61.

As hard as it may be, Mack Brown has to put aside his own ethics and run the score up whenever possible, especially during the cupcake non-conference games.

Texas must show no mercy to the weak if they hope to avoid last year's nightmare scenario.