Ducks Burke Gives Selanne, Niedermayer Till Draft To Decide on Retirement

Ken ArmerSenior Writer IMay 22, 2008

With the Offseason in its infancy for the Anaheim Ducks, some major issues are already on the horizon. The first step for the Ducks and Brian Burke to take next season is to find out if Teemu Selanne and Scott Niedermayer will return next season. Burke is not going to allow half the season to go by like last season. He needs a commitment from his star players and he made that clear today according to the Los Angeles Times.

Burke told the Times that he has spoken with both players in a face to face meeting and let them know that “they won't be afforded the luxury of rejoining the Ducks midway through the season, as they did in 2007-08.” Burke went on to explain he needs an answer from Selanne and Niedermayer by the time the draft rolls around. The draft will be in Ottawa on June 20th and 21st.

Niedermayer has one year remaining on a four-year, $27-million contract. Selanne, who is playing on year-to-year contracts, can be a free agent starting July 1, but I, among most other Ducks fans and writers, don’t see Selanne finishing anywhere but Anaheim if he chooses to return this year.

"I did sit down with Scotty and he agreed that it made sense," Burke said of the draft-day deadline. "I said, 'We did it your way last year and that was fine. This time around, we want to know something.' We told them we need to know before the draft so we can plan accordingly.

"Teemu's situation is different because he can be a free agent," Burke added. "He's free to blow through any deadline."

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Source: “Ducks give Niedermayer, Selanne a deadline” by Eric Stephens, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer dated May 22, 2008.