Give Up The Image Already, Just Put On a Great Fight Phil Baroni!

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Give Up The Image Already, Just Put On a Great Fight Phil Baroni!

"I'm the man! I'm the best eva! EVA! I'm the...... YEAH!!!"

Who could ever forget about this arrogant rant?

Of course Phil Baroni spewed out more than that after his 18 second knock-out over Dave Menne, but there really is no need to repeat the cursing and the broken-record screams of, "I'm the man! I'm the best eva!"

5-1 after that victory, with the majority of his wins coming by way of a brutal knock-out, it's easy to see why Baroni was so hyped-up after taking out the first "eva" UFC middleweight champion.

Baroni's fight career after his win over Menne could be summed up by quoting Bob Dylan, "The times they are a-changing."

He has gone 8-10 since then, confusing many fight fans on why Dana White would "eva" resign him. Maybe it's the foul language that they share in common that sparked the deal.

Sure, there's nothing wrong with a little trash-talk between two warriors that are trying to smash each other's faces, but the best "eva" trash-talkers have the tendencies to back it up.

"I think he is a good fighter. Maybe a little bit green, but he is well-rounded. He showed toughness and that he has guts. He has heart. He has good Muay Thai and pulled off submission in fights. I just believe I'm bringing more dog to this dog fight," says Baroni on his upcoming fight with Xtreme Couture product, Amir Sadollah.

A huge step-up in transforming into a well-respected fighter, but they are nothing but words.

Let's wait and see how Baroni is reacting while walking to the cage.

Let's wait and see if he fist-bumps the always respectful Sadollah.

Most would agree that his championship possibilities are all but done, but he still has a chance to redeem himself among the MMA faithful.

If a victory is in your cards Mr. Baroni, don't jump to the top of the cage and ramble on like a conceited idiot. Give thanks and make the journey back into the heart of the fans.

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