Pete Forsberg, Adam Foote Return: Avalanche Learning from Past, or Repeating It?

Elbow MurderpantsCorrespondent IMay 22, 2008


In a time when most NHL teams are trying to move forward, (albeit slowly in the case of some -See NY Islanders) The Colorado Avalanche seem to be taking steps backwards.


Going back to the memory box is a nice way to burn a lazy evening, but using it as a building strategy for a hockey team is dubious at best.


Going into the playoffs the 'Lanche decided that even with very exciting young talents such as Paul Stastny, John Michael Liles and Tyler Arnason, they really needed to put the old band back together and return Adam Foote and Pete Forsberg to the dressing room.


Now it’s hard to argue that getting the old jersey on “Foppa” wasn’t a decent move, but it shows a desperation that doesn’t quite make sense considering the younger potential skating around Denver.


So now it may not seem that surprising that Tony Granato has been returned as coach of the Colorado Avalanche on Thursday, four years after he was demoted from the job.


Parting ways with Joel Quenneville, who the Avalanche said goodbye to around two weeks ago (by mutual agreement) was probably not a bad move, but this attempt to give Tony Granato a mulligan, along with their last few moves, has made their strategy seem like “one step forward – two steps back.”


It’s now somewhat easy to see what the next moves will be for the Avalanche:


Marc Crawford will be brought in as assistant coach.


Limited by the spotty play of Budaj and Theodore, Colorado will attempt to upgrade at that position, but will actually startle many by convincing Patrick Roy to return (with smaller pads).


In an effort to beef up their “D” Colorado will trade Liles for Rob Blake, pick up Sandis Ozolinsh and then put the full-court press on Deadmarsh and Bourque to come out of retirement.

To really get that "old days" feel back in play, they will make 2 VERY bold moves by reverting back to the Nordiques’ uniform but, (in an attempt to avoid complete confusion) they’ll change the team name to the Colorado Rockies.


To give their premiere leader a rejuvenating “shot in the arm” – the Av’s will literally give Joe Sakic a shot in the arm… a massive dose of hormones and four Botox treatments. Other teams will be completely fooled, thinking Joe has somehow returned to the age of 30.


Finally, the team will release reprinted calendars from 2001 and distribute them to the fans to reinforce the illusion of some kind of crazy time travel experience.


Unfortunately, the ticket prices will remain at 2009 levels.