This Week In The NBA and 5 Things I Think

micheal malcolmCorrespondent ISeptember 4, 2009

LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 02:  First overall pick in the NBA draft Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers is greeted by Dodger executive Tomy Lasorda before throwing out a ceremonial first pitch before the game between the Los Angeles Dodgers the Arizona Diamondbacks on September 2, 2009 at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

Welcome one and all to 'This week in the NBA, where I try to highlight major events, current happenings and quirky facts concerning the NBA. Enjoy! 


Very Happy to see Ramon Sessions receive a Contract in line with a player that has been ‘sneaky good’ the past 2 years. While I am a huge Jonny Flynn fan I believe that Sessions can be the floor general the Timberwolves need to continue to continue building the franchise.


Staying with the Wolves, I think I have gotten sick and tired of Ricky Rubio, besides the fact he looks like the guy from the Geico commercials his flip flops, and contradictory statements, make me think that this is not a player the Timberwolves should be attempting to build a franchise around, Rubio’s situation is starting to mirror Yi Jianlian’s.


Who said that Ron Artest can’t forgive? Ron can forgive people in a way that only Ron Artest can.


Apparently Dirk has will be missing parenting classes, much like his numerous misses in the Finals some years ago, as He is NOT the Father. Let this be a lesson to everyone, do a background check on your loved ones.


I am saddened by Bruce Bowen’s retirement from the NBA, there was no one I enjoyed tormenting the likes of Vince Carter more than him.


The official signings of potentially key contributors for the Hawks and the Celtics.


If I were Devin Harris, I’d likely want to know in advance about the Carter trade. But unlikely me Harris is very agreeable and actually sees the Nets doing well this year, best of luck to him.


David Stern may be a fan of Twitter?


For all of you coaches wondering how to start the transition offence, you’ll likely need one of these guys to get your started.


For all you Lebron Stat-heads that just want to look at how good the King is by shot type.

An excellent re-cap of the most ridiculous stories of the NBA off-season.


I am comforted knowing that Richard Hamilton will have some value in NBA Live 10 as for other years I can’t say I would have used him.


This is all the proof that the NBA needs that OKC is an NBA wasteland.


An insider look at the financial records of the New Jersey Nets, how likely is a sale based on these numbers?


A Sacramento fan’s hope for next season.


Leandro Barbosa, normally the player that teams covet when talking trade with the Suns has been playing outstanding in the WBC, want some proof here it is.


If you are interested in purchasing Lebron James new book Shooting Stars, looking for more insight into James’s life I wouldn’t purchase it. With Lebron James listed as the author you’d believe that he’d offer more than some glossed over life story that is already available at a cheaper cost (Shooting Stars is 26.95 USD) in various pockets of the net. Frankly there are so much more questions than answers, seeing how Lebron DOES NOT talk like this.


Robert Traylor where art thou? With the tax man you say?


Have you ever wanted to become an NBA Coach? Learn from this. I clearly do not think I make the cut.


Have you ever wondered who gets the most penalized for using performance enhancing drugs? Without a doubt the NBA players have it too easy.


Here is a personal message to Jordan Farmer, you need to be visible on the court and know how to run a team before someone will let you start, let alone you making demands to want to start.


Lastly, Stephen Curry believes he can average 20 PPG in his rookie season and win the ROK award. Playing for Don Nelson he just may do that.



My 5 Non-Basketball Thoughts of the Week


Firstly I am a fan of Michael Jackson, however after being bombarded with non-stop new reports, secret song recordings, babies and children popping out of no where and having to be subjected to the nauseating creatures that are Joe and Tito Jackson I’ve had enough of this he’s been buried let’s move on as a society please!


I think that Mets brass has to seriously take a look at the roster and make some MAJOR changes, and I agree with Jayson Stark argument for the trading of Jose Reyes.


I am shocked at the removal/firing of Offensive Coordinators Chan Gailey, Jeff Jagodzinski, and now Turk Schonert. Granted this is not because they were great offensive minds, but because of the timing can you think of any other time where 3 OC’s were fired a couple of weeks before the season began?


I have no idea whose bright idea it was to start this trend but with the 12-year contract becoming common place in the NHL. There will be a huge problem in the future despite the declining cap number afforded to players there are too many holes in the current CBA the next one must be more concrete. Our latest 12 year winner Roberto Luongo.


Lastly as a Canadian I am all for having a team in Hamilton to royally tick off the franchise that is the Toronto Maple Losers. However very much in the corporate world there is a political game to play in order to succeed. Jim Balsillie isn’t playing the game properly and likely will be a very frigid day before any other NHL owner will vote in his favor to own a team…Jim may I suggest buying the Toronto Blue Jays?