Breaking News: TNA Knockout Released!

Hayley-L GrahamSenior Analyst ISeptember 4, 2009

In a shocking move on the part of TNA, Angelina Love was released from contract yesterday.

It is thought at the moment that it was due to problems with Angelina Love's work visa, which she was issued with when she originally signed with WWE developmental.

Her visa, which allows her to work in America, was up for renewal, but complications meant that she was unable to sort out the paperwork which allows her to work in the company.

At the moment, it is not known whether she will be allowed to rejoin TNA after she receives an up-to-date work visa, but it is being reported that TNA "had their hands tied in the situation."

This is a major blow to TNA, who have pushed Angelina, and her partner Velvet Sky, as the top heel knockouts in the division.

This also causes problems in regards to the tournament finals for the Knockout Tag Titles, as Angelina was scheduled to be a part of the match.

This now opens up many different branches for TNA in response to the dilemma.

Firstly, with Velvet Sky now not having a partner for the tournament finals, who is most likely to fill in the slot for Angelina?

An obvious choice would be Madison Rayne, who has recently re-established her position within The Beautiful People, but would TNA follow that line after the fact that Rayne cost Love the Knockouts title?

It also begs the question: What is now in the future for The Beautiful People?

Many fans regarded Angelina as the better wrestler of the three, so it's a loss to the team if they are now going to be lacking the physicality aspect.

As well as this, Angelina was considered a major competitor for the Knockout title, being a former champion herself.

Does this now mean that we are going to see some newer feuds for the gold?

One thing is for sure, many fans are certainly going to miss Angelina for...many reasons, but will she ever return and reclaim her place at the top of the chain?