Nigel McGuiness Signs With The WWE And Angelina Love Released? The 411 Updates

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIISeptember 4, 2009

As many of you know, the 411 is the place for wrestling news. And it has not let you down this time either. Now, there is some big news you need to know. So, sit close to your computers so you can see this as well as possible.


Nigel McGuiness Signs with the WWE

The former ROH World Champion Nigel McGuiness has officially signed a WWE contract. Many thought he was good enough to leave for some time now, but it was obvious why he left.

ROH is has not been doing great financially, and don't believe what they are saying about "cost cutting" its another term for saying we are doing bad and need all the money we can get.

McGuiness left a sinking ship that is ROH for a thriving WWE. Of course, the WWE has had interest in acquiring McGuiness for some time now. But right now was the best time because a lot of ROH talent are unsure about their future in the company, including McGuiness.

McGuiness is most likely going to go down to FCW with former ROH wrestler Brian Danielson who signed with the WWE last week. He will most likely be there for 6 months, then arrive on a main roster. 

As I mentioned in a previous article, the WWE has interest in Tyler Black, Jimmy Jacobs, and a few other ROH stars. So, we will have to see who signs next week if the pattern continues.

The WWE is not punishing ROH for moving to Mondays, that is the dumbest thing I ever heard. I mean, think people, ROH comes on an hour before RAW and is on HDNet, a channel that could never compete with USA Network. Heck, it can't even compete with WGN America!

No, ROH stars are leaving because they see the money, fame, and everything else the WWE has that ROH just does not. The WWE is taking advantage of ROH's "cost-cutting" by going in and taking the best talent they have that is sure to need a job once the promotion goes under or want to leave before it does.


Angelina Love Released from TNA Wrestling

According to

"The reason for the release is that there was some form of issue with her work Visa either expiring or not being properly renewed. Love has been working under the Visa that she was issues when she got her WWE developmental deal. Due to her not having the proper paper work, TNA was said to have their hands tied, since they cannot legally use her without the proper paperwork complete."

I think it will be interesting to see what TNA does with the Beautiful People. See, the two won their Tag Tourny match and are supposed to go to No Surrender to have a match for the new Knockouts Tag Titles.

As most know, TNA tapes their iMPACT shows all in one week after each PPV. So obviously Love and Sky wrestled already, so if you see her on TNA iMPACT next week, it is not be because she is back in TNA

TNA is hoping the Visa issues can be taken care of before the No Surrender PPV because she is supposed to be at the PPV, and they don't want to have to change storylines naturally.

If it is taken care of, then TNA will sign her back quickly. 

TNA may be in trouble if they don't get her back because the Beautiful People's segments and matches on iMPACT are some of the highest rated in the show.

To see a more in depth analysis on the subject, check out Hayley-L Graham's article on her, here:

AJ Styles vs Michelle McCool

Here is a snipet of AJ Styles' interview with, he talks about Gail Kim, John Morrison, and the issue with Michelle McCool taking his move, the "Styles Clash":

Regarding Styles' take on the situation, he is "cool" with the WWE Diva using his signature maneuver after discussing the matter with friend and former co-worker Gail Kim.

"Gail Kim's one of my really good friends, and I asked her about that and we talked about it and she (McCool) does do my move, but I'm flattered that she would think to use that move. It doesn't bother me at all," Styles told in an interview promoting his appearance on MTV's MADE this weekend. "I guess it might be different if a guy was doing it and calling it something else."

Styles feels "there's not a lot of moves in the world," so he understands fellow wrestlers using one of his own.

"It's hard to be different. But it's cool with me," Styles said. "Now it would be different if it was a guy in my own company."

Styles follows the last quote by criticizing John Morrison, feeling he copies "everyone else's move and hasn't come up with one." However, Styles feels the WWE wrestler performs them well, so he has no real problem with him.

"But there is that one dude. What's his name? I'm like, good grief, this guy does everyone else's move and hasn't come up with one," Styles said. "He's a heck of an athlete. Morrison. Yeah, I've seen him do a lot of Low Ki's moves. He does my Spiral Tap. I was like, 'Man, this guy watches a lot of tape.' But he does them well, so I can't say anything bad about him. He does them well. He's heck of an athlete."

I am glad Styles is ok with McCool taking his move, but it still doesn't excuse McCool's actions regarding it if you ask me. She should have asked to use the move, and I am sure Styles didn't want to start anything with her. 

I mean the last thing he wants to do is start a feud with a WWE Diva. Imagine the things we would hear.

I think he is sort of on the button with Morrison, but even though he does a lot of moves that he didn't invent, like AJ said, he does them well. Also, Morrison does do the Moonlight Driver, which I believe he came up with, so there's one AJ.

The Starship Pain move has been used before, but not a lot of people do that move anymore. So, it is ok in mind to have that as his finisher.

That is all for this special addition of the 411.