Ducks-Broncos: Blount Resurrects Some Classic Backlash

Ron Johnson@TLCCaptainSenior Writer ISeptember 4, 2009

It must be college football season. The fans are going crazy, the coaches are hoping for a better result than last year, and to top it all off, the ending was bigger and better than the beginning.

Meaning that someone wore their emotions on their sleeve last night.

Oregon tailback LeGarrette Blount brought up nightmarish flashbacks following Oregon's 19-8 loss to Boise State. Following the game, Boise State DE Byron Hout tapped Blount on the shoulder and mouthed some words to him.

Blount's response, a haymaker that dropped Hout to one knee.

But it got worse following the punch.

After getting restrained by teammates and coaching staff, Blount began shoving those very same teammates before taking the fight to the Broncos fans. If it wasn't for the police and the coaching staff brave enough to hold him back, we would have had another Ron Artest incident on our hands.

Now according to Brent Musberger, this was Hout's fault more than Blount's. This is the same Musberger who blamed the Florida Gators for overreacting following a loss to Florida State in The Swamp a few years ago. For those who don't remember, allow me to refresh your memory.

Following Florida State's victory over the Gators a few years ago, the Seminoles added insult to injury by stomping on the "F" in the middle of field. This prompted Gators players to retaliate and bum-rush the Seminoles.

Following the melee, Musberger said that the Gators should call Bobby Bowden and apologize for not showing good sportsmanship. Now he's at it again with this incident involving Blount. I wonder what he would have said about Artest's little melee in Detroit?

Would he have told the city of Detroit to apologize to Artest for not showing good sportsmanship?

In any event, this one incident will continue to be discussed throughout the college football season. It's not only because Blount's Heisman hopes have been possibly shattered because of his poor performance and poor sportsmanship, but it's also because if the NCAA doesn't show the proper repercussions for his actions, they will never live this situation down.

So who was really the bad guy in this situation? Was it Hout for being a little overzealous? Was it Blount for being a spoiled sport? Or was it the fans who kept trying to goad him into an all out riot?

You be the judge, sports nation. You be the judge.