Who Reigns Supreme in Chicago, Cubs or White Sox?

Bare KnucksAnalyst ISeptember 4, 2009

The Cubs will always be the main focus for baseball fans in Chicago. Why? Outside of the fact that White Sox fans spend the majority of their lives behind bars unable to support their club in person, being a Cub fan in Chicago is the “it” thing to do with all the part-time emo college kids. However, there are several other factors as to why the Cubbies will always remain the focal point of Chicago baseball.


Wrigley Field- Wrigley has history on its side in this argument. The ivy lining the outfield fences, rooftop seats across the street, and those unusual winds from Lake Michigan that make even the most routine fly ball interesting. Every fan, whether their allegiance rests with the Cubs or not, wants the chance to sit in the bleachers at Wrigley. Despite them being filled primarily with drunk college guys and girls wearing Fukudome jerseys (because his name looks like it could potentially be pronounced “F*ck you do me.” Yeah, stay classy Chicago), there’s no denying the atmosphere surrounding you at a Cubs game. With the always entertaining 7th inning stretch that always seems to bring out the best of whichever B-list celebrity does the singing, the “W” flag that is raised following every victory, and the manual scoreboard that brings with it the fun old-school vibe, it’s always a good time at this field. Wrigley may not be the best kept stadium in the league, but that’s the sacrifice you make when you keep a stadium around as long as they have with this park.

U.S. Cellular Field- On the other hand you have U.S. Cellular Field. U.S. Cellular may have seen its share of great baseball memories recently; a World Series title along with Mark Buehrle’s no-hit and perfect games to name a few, but the park itself is trash (for lack of a better word). While Wrigley is mainly filled with intoxicated idiots, the White Sox’s home ballpark isn’t much better. At least at Wrigley you can wear an opposing team’s colors without earning a trip to the emergency room (regardless of your age or gender).

Stadium nicknames- Wrigley is also known as The Friendly Confines, Wrigleyville, and to a lesser extent, “America’s Largest Gay Bar” (no, I am not making that up). U.S. Cellular boasts just one nickname, that being “The Cell.” We’ll have to give this one to White Sox fans simply based on the fact that “The Cell” is actually pretty decent. Not to mention that the stadium’s nickname accurately depicts its fans’ second home, behind bars, giving enjoyment to Cubs fans and White Sox fans alike.

Stadium/Fan verdict- Overall the point goes to the Cubs simply based on the fact that everyone should want to experience Wrigley at least once. The same cannot be said for U.S. Cellular Field. Most casual baseball fans probably can’t even identify the field if shown a picture, much less tell you the name of that dump. Cubs 1, White Sox 0.


Cubs- The Cubs’ seem to always have the slogan “Next Year” on their minds. Although you could argue that this is a direct result of always having a team worthy of contention, it also speaks volumes about their overall success. The Cubs have their excuses; Bartman interfering with a potential crucial out in the NLCS (even though Alou probably wouldn’t have caught it and there were a number of other fans also trying to catch it) and the “Billy Goat Curse” being the most notable ones. However, as I stated earlier, the Cubs always seem to be in the thick of the playoff race year in and year out, always keeping fans interested.

White Sox- The White Sox lose points based on the fact that most of their team is made up of “douche bags.” [READ MORE...]