'PG' Really To Blame?

Juan Correspondent ISeptember 4, 2009

LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 24:  Wrestler Evan Bourne jumps off the ropes at wrestler Chavo Guerrero (C) as wrestler Hornswoggle lies in the foreground during the WWE Monday Night Raw show at the Thomas & Mack Center August 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

We are now in the middle of what the WWE fans call, the PG-Era. The PG-Era is said to be the reason WWE isn't doing good anymore.

For most fans, a change to PG-13 will be the cure, and will save the product.

But that's not where the problem lies. A PG or a PG-13 rating won't change anything.

Yes, with a PG-13 rating you can have curses and more edgier storylines that are centered around topics that are not suitable for little children.

But does it still improve the product?

I love watching Disney movies because they're really good even if it's PG. It's as good as a PG-13 movie like Spider-Man.

What the WWE does is that they make it look like it is PG. They try to make it just for the kids sometimes.

But what they should really do is make it for everyone together. They shouldn't target it at a certain age group. They just need to make it so that it was suitable for everyone.

Feuds like HBK/Jericho, HBK/Undertaker, and most recently Jeff Hardy/CM Punk have been great to watch. They made it edgy but at the same time suitable for everyone to watch.

They didn't target it just for kids by wrestling while dressed up as a cow.

Take the early stages of the Triple H/Orton rivalry for example. If it was PG-13, they could've had some curses, maybe somehow involve alcohol in the feud. Would it still have the made it better than the PG version of the story?

They don't need Cena to play up to the kids. They don't need Chavo losing to Hornswoggle while dressed up as a cow. They don't Michael Cole and King acting like it was the funniest thing in the world and that we all enjoyed it.

As you may have noticed, the examples come all from Raw. Smackdown and ECW is an example of how PG doesn't mean bad.

As of now, Raw seems to be improving in providing quality stuff. I'm not too surprised knowing that Triple H and HBK are back together and they know what the fans really want.

This was intended for all those who hate the PG-Era and blame the rating of the show for the show's quality.