Australian Wrestling Chronicles (Part Five): Ben Coles

Scott BeebySenior Analyst ISeptember 4, 2009

Once again, this edition of Australian Wrestling Chronicles is written in conjunction with the popular Bleacher Report series, Spotlighting The Indies.

The man pictured is Ben Coles. His story is unique among wrestlers "down under", if not the entire world. As of late, he has reached cult status on the Australian wrestling scene.

Described as a mix of high flying and technical wrestler, Coles has been plying his trade in the business for almost a year professionally, but it wasn't until recently that he achieved national exposure through a series of television commercials for frozen food company I&J.

In the advertisement, which can be viewed here, it shows a young boy growing up with a passion for wrestling that is only matched by his love of crispy battered fish, which is one of the products that the I&J company sells.

Since the ad began airing a few weeks ago, the 23 year old was prompted to change his gimmick and ever since he has been going by the ring name of "Iron Jay." He's even been featured on the television program A Current Affair.

His lucky break couldn't have come at a better time. Coles had never been an actor, but one of his friends lined up the audition for him, and it just so happened that Coles scored the job just one day after being made redundant from his job as a full time electrician in Dapto, Woolongong.

It's very rare for any Australian wrestler, let alone one on the indy scene, to have their own website, but such is the popularity of the Iron Jay character that he not only has his own website, but he's also become the face of Australian wrestling.

Coles is a very accomplished wrestler in his own right. He has even been trained in Canada at one point by former WWE superstar Lance Storm. His new gimmick is just the polishing up that some feel his look needed.

Since adopting the gimmick, Coles has acquired some new signature moves including "The Crispy Batter", "Lemon Wedge", and "Fish Face." He also now uses the catch phrase "it's crunch time!"

Iron Jay currently wrestles for the Australian Wrestling Federation, but like all wrestlers he hopes to one day break into the American market and make a living from wrestling full time.

With Jeff Jarret, Jeremy Borash, and Christy Hemme traveling to Australia next week on a promotional tour, but to also take a glimpse at what the country can offer in terms of talent, who knows what lies ahead for Iron Jay? He could be gracing our television screens from inside the ring sooner than you might think...