Europe: SPL and Champions League Round-Up

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Oh my...

The European Cup Final, a roller-coaster ride and very absorbing but not a classic.

The zenith was reached just before half time never to be quite reached again. Rooney's cross field pass to Ronaldo who then crossed to Tevez but to no avail, that may have sealed it for United had they scored.

Man United worthy European Champions?

United deserved it for the season they had (although that is separate from the competition in hand) and Chelsea deserved it on the night after taking an age to get going.

No one team were out and out deserving of the win to be honest so the gods decided for us all.

Penalty shootouts are great, tragedy and triumph all in 15 minutes.

I took delight at Ronaldo's attempt to fool Peter Cech, the guy needs a boot up the...

Terry oh dear, after a fine defensive header to stop Giggs from scoring a sure fire winner... for his penalty he didn't plant his foot quite right.

Drogba you fool...

I don't know how you all think slappers should be treated hehe, but Drogba deserved his red card, not for the incident during the match but for being the sod that he is and antics he pulled during the season. Good footballer but he aint a man I think is true, also he has just bought a house in London and told French football mag he likes London now.

Wayne Rooney was shocking for me, very shocking but for one cross field pass to Ronaldo. Rooney just moaned at fellow Man United players when there was a water break every time going at Evra.

What has happened to you Wayne? You're looking older than your years.



Judgement day.

You're a brave soul to place a bet on it.

If the Old Firm could have picked there last match opponents then these would not be the ones to go for, both Old Firm teams away from home. Celtic at Dundee United and Rangers away to Aberdeen.

Celtic have clawed it back but this is not quite so clear cut, Dundee United are strong but have had a tough season. Including a collapse against Rangers in the League Cup Final and more recently the controversial match at Ibrox which halted their UEFA Cup place efforts..

Rangers versus Aberdeen both these teams really don't dig one another, Aberdeen are the one team that would love to halt Rangers from winning the title.

For Rangers we have the issue of the fixture pile up, for me this is mentally more exhausting than physical, the same happened with Celtic when we reached the UEFA Cup Final it is hard to cross the line no matter what.

However, it must be said Rangers from where they were last year, scraping just to finish second, to where they are now have had a wonderful turn around under Walter Smith.

To the winner the spoils and to the rest happy holidays...


Glasgow Celtic win 1-0 at Dundee United and win the league for the third time in a row while Rangers loose 2-0 at Aberdeen.

Alby Jnr...


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