Desmond Howard Says Justin Boren Was a Complainer

Ryan Senior Writer IMay 22, 2008

This will be all I have to say about Justin Boren and anything regarding his transfer.

Recently, Michigan alum and former Heisman Trophy winner Desmond Howard sat down with The Detroit News.  He spoke on RichRod, the upcoming season, and on Boren.

On Boren:

"At first, I was like, 'Wow, he's talking about family values.' And sometimes you use key words, and I read that, and I was like, 'Damn, this thing is just blowing up.' So I came up here [to Michigan] and I watched them practice. I was in the weight room working out, and two players started talking to me, and in general conversation they said, 'This guy, Desmond, was a complainer. He complained about workouts, he complained about practices.' And this is what they told me: 'Really, we're better without him.' I said, 'Wow, that's a different side of the story I hadn't even thought of.' I knew they were training in a way they've never trained before.

So then he went to Ohio State, and I was like, 'Well, how loyal can this guy be? All the colleges available to him, and he goes to Ohio State?' I talked to Rich, and Rich told me he talked to him, and Rich said [Boren] never was really happy no matter what they did. And Rich said, 'Desmond, I've got to do things my way.'"

I agree wholeheartedly with the first part of the second paragraph.  If the guy were a loyal person, how could he choose to transfer to Ohio State from Michigan?

Also, one would think that this would hush quite a number of the people who assumed that Boren left because RichRod was just a jerk.

It was understood that there would be casualties left in Barwis' wake and Boren just happened to be one.  Instead of just quietly leaving, however, he decided to cover his butt and try to make us look bad.  It seems we lost a quality character guy, too.

In the end, the program is better off.  We are thinning out those who don't want to be here and don't want to be fully committed to the program.

Good riddance.