Roger Federer Enters the French Language [Humor]

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Roger Federer Enters the French Language [Humor]
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Roger "Federer" has now entered the French language.  "Federer" in French is pronounced Federay, much like Aller is pronounced Allay.  

"Federer" in French is a verb that can be conjugated.  It means to totally dominate to the point of owning or to claim one as his/her own. 


The Verb Federer

Je feder—I own/dominate

Tu feder—You own/dominate

Il/Elle feder—He/She owns/dominates

Nous federons—We own/dominate

Vous federez—You (plural or courtesy) own/dominate

Ils/Elles federent—They own/dominate


"Federer" can be used in the future tense:

Je vais te federer dans la hopscotch.  Translation:  I will completely own you in the game of hopscotch.

"Federer" can be used in the past tense:

Hier soir, J'ai federé ta mêre dans ma chambre.  Translation: Last night, I completely dominated your mother in my bedroom. 

"Federer" can be used as a command:

Federez-elle avant qu'elle prendraient les décisions!  Translation: Dominate her before she makes all the decisions!

"Federer" can be used as an "in the moment" action:

Appellez-moi plus tard, je federant le Playstation.  Translation:  Call me later, I am dominating at Playstation. 

"Federer" can also be used in a passive way:

Oh, Oh Federez-moi...FEDEREZ-MOI!   No translation needed here!

Also in an imperfect past tense:

Oh mon dieu, mon patron a trouvè mes couriel erotique! J'ai étés federait!!!  Translation: My boss discovered my erotic emails!  I am screwed!!

So next time you are in Quebec, France, or any other French speaking country and you hear the words that sound like "Federer", it is probably not about Roger Federer but more likely to pertain to being dominated, owned, or screwed.  Only the French can pay tribute to the legend like this!!

Bon Federance a tous!

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