Tired Of Being Red Lined By Microsoft Word

Angie LewisContributor ISeptember 4, 2009

Ever just wished that Microsoft Word would just accept some words and move on?

Well, I've been having a particular issue with Word for quite some time now with this one word. Maybe I'm the one making the mistake: I'm probably spelling the word wrong, I'm adding an "s" to it when there doesn't need to be one,or it's probably not even a real word. Nonetheless, the word has been giving me a headache, and it just was reaffirmed today, September 9th, 2009...


I was writing a game report on yesterday's women's soccer match between the American University Eagles and the Richmond Spiders. I was in the middle of stating how the Eagles won 1-0 to improve to 3-1 on the season - a significant improvement from last seasons team and giving the facts from the game. Then I tried to describe how the Spiders were called for "offsides multiple times..."

...And then came the red line.

Really, Word? Really!!? Is that how you feel? After all these years and you still pull that nonsense? I remember being really young - probably around 11 or something - and I used Microsoft Word back then to write about hockey games. For instance, when I was younger, I would often mention that the Washington Capitals would need to fix  constant whistles for "offisides." Then, right on time appears the red line! Every time, every new year, I would write something on either hockey or soccer, and the word "offsides" gets underlined. I just added it into the dictionary on my laptop because I got so sick of the foolishness that Word would try to pull on my work.

So here's the question: Am I doing something wrong? Is "offsides" supposed to be "offside" or "off-sides?" I really didn't know at one point. And it's a shame to admit as someone who has written about sports their whole lives, has been a die-hard hockey fan for so long, and has career plans to be a sports journalist/personality. But I really need to know whether A.) "Offsides" is just going to be an unaccepted word by Microsoft Word or not, and if B.) Am I just blatantly spelling "offsides" wrong?

And of course, I must express anger at Microsoft Word for even causing me to question my writing and my spelling skills.

Word, get it together.