Sleeping With The Enemy: Dating a Rival's Fan

TJ BuzzeoCorrespondent ISeptember 3, 2009

BOSTON - AUGUST 23:  Derek Jeter #2 of the New York Yankees tags out Jacoby Ellsbury #46 of the Boston Red Sox as he is trying to steal second on August 23, 2009 at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

So my fellow sports fans, eight months ago I did the unthinkable, did something I swore I would never do, and never thought I would be able to do.

I am dating a Red Sox fan. 

If you have not figured it out by now, I am a die-hard New York Yankees fan. I love Derek Jeter almost as much as my girlfriend, and a MVP Award and another World Series ring could change even that (just kidding…I think). 


I can not play dumb and pretend like I did not see this problem coming. I knew that she was from Whitman, Massachusetts and that there was a very, very good chance that she would be a member of Red Sox Nation.

But in my defense it was December, just before Christmas and although it is and probably always will be first and foremost in my life, we never really talked about sports and when we did it was the in regards to the AFC East playoff race and basketball.

She does not watch basketball, could not even name one player on the Celtics, and if Tom Brady wasn't dating celebrities and constantly talked about in every possible portal of media she wouldn't have been able to name anyone on the Pats. 

She even said that she wouldn't mind if the Dolphins (my favorite football team) won the AFC East!

I know Yankee fans may not want me to come back to the new stadium, but come on, give me a break, how was I supposed to know that she would only follow one sport and that it was baseball. All she really talks about is sailing, running, and Notre Dame Academy (and when she talks about NDA it’s usually about sailing and running while there).

All of my Yankee fan brethren (if they will still allow me to call them that) are probably thinking like I did about nine months ago, that the thought of hugging, holding hands with, and for those with weak stomachs you may want to turn away, kissing a fan of the BoSox would lead you to massive amounts of vomiting, the gouging out of your eyes, and lighting yourself on fire, trust me I know where you are coming from.

However, it’s really not that bad (at least while the Yankees have all but officially won the division) we do not watch baseball together (to avoid fights), really try not to talk about it unless it is something general (again to avoid fights), and always remember that we love each other for reasons other than who our favorite baseball team is. 

Since I am from Stamford, Conn. and she is from Whitman, Mass. we did not see each other all of that much over the summer, which honestly sucked, no matter what you Yankee die-hards, who do not understand might say. I did drive up to Massachusetts for the Fourth of July weekend and realizing that this relationship was getting serious, threw her an ultimatum:

“My children have to be Yankee fans or we might as well break up now.”

She sighed, and glared at me, but nonetheless she agreed to my conditions, knowing that I was serious and that I really would go to war over this, no matter how insignificant it may be to some people. I mean, just because she does not know any better, does not mean our kids should have to suffer.

As I am the one who is the die-hard fan in the relationship, she always makes sure to ask me, “How are your boys doing?” or “Are you happy?” she even affectionately calls Derek Jeter, “Jete, Jete.”

Her mother even promised not to say anymore negative things about the Yankees after I allowed them to put their humongous grill in the back of my car, which scratched the hell out of my bumper. I will admit that my Jeep is a clunker, but it’s my clunker, and it physically hurts that my car is in worse condition.

Anyway, I definitely thought that my girlfriend was coming around to the good side and finally starting to see the light when her grandfather saw this happening and stepped in to block my attempts, by (jokingly…again I think) threatening to cut her out of his will.

If that were to happen this girl would be perfect, not just for me, but for anybody. She is ridiculously cute, by all definitions a sweetheart, loving, caring, and she would be a Yankee fan.

Wow! I mean all you guys out there know that a girl wearing pinstripes and the interlocking “NY” are heads and tails more attractive than ones wearing anything else!

But, that is not the case and once again it just goes to show that no one is perfect and that we all have flaws…for now at least. So, I guess until her conversion of fanhood is complete I am just going to have to deal with her dirty looks and gagging noises when we are talking about the Yankees. 

I understand this is not the situation any of you see yourself in, being with the enemy, so to speak, but it really could be a lot worse, and there really are more important qualities in people than which team they like or loathe.