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David KuykendallCorrespondent ISeptember 3, 2009

MIAMI - JANUARY 01:  Head coach Frank Beamer of the Virginia Tech Hokies gets gatorade dump on him by his players on their way to winning against the Cincinnati Bearcats during the FedEx Orange Bowl at Dolphin Stadium on January 1, 2009 in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

Well the time has come, college football is about to start! And as always we as writers and fans will try to determine who will win each week. Since this is my first year predicting games for Bleacher Report i will only do  in depth coverage games for 4 games in these first few weeks. Here we go!



1 Oregon-Boise St.

These two teams met last and had a great game in wich Boise St came out on top in the end.This year however they do not have Ian Johnson theire schools pride at the HB position.

 Oregon. The Ducks lost most of theire starters on both sides of the ball 12 to be exact, But they do get LaGarret Blount back who is a smash mouth runner with some good open field speed. The Ducks had a decent recruiting year with a few star commits wich should help ease the pain of loseing so much a theire starters last year.   

       Boise St. Like Oregon the Broncos lost alot of theire team they just didnt lose as much. The offense got theire Prised QB Kellen Moore back who is just starting in the college football world and is only a Sophmore coming into this season. Defense will probably have the toughest time with only 5 returing starters and only one returing D-linemen.

Overview. In this matchup we see two teams whos meeting the year before came down to 5 points ending with abroncos win. However This i do not see the same outcome do to Oregon haveing more talent and a more experienced backups taking key roles such as Qb and LB i see it beeing a close game but ending with a Oregon win.



         These two team were both in BCS bowls last year, both were expected to win but only one did. Alabam lost big time to now two time BCS buster Utah, while VT won against first time BE champs Cincy. Both of these team are preseason top 10 and both have High expectations for this season.



     VT last year was stunned by ECU in theire seaon kickoff and then recovered to finish 10-4 wich includes a BCS win over Cincy. Maby the most important fact about this team is they pulled Tyrod taylor out of his redshirt to start t QB wich may have saved theire season.With Taylor returing at QB they have maby the Second coming of Michael Vick. He is fast and has about as good as moves as vick and will need to improve on his accuracy and decision making as Vick did. With a 1,000 yd rusher back in Darren Evans plus 700 on the ground from Talyor this team has what it takes not oly win this matchup but maby bring some credibility back to the ACC. This team has 17 returing starters and tons of athleticism to make HC Frank Beamer one very happy coach.



          Alabama was on the virge of beeing the only undefeated BCS conference team last year and blew it in the SEC championship game against reigning national champs Florida. Some ask me can you really balme them? My answer quite simply yes. Not only did call some boneheaded plays but the defense gave up the winning td pass to a wide open TE! This year they are without QB john Parker Wilson and will have to figure out if they want a more mobile Greg mcElroy or a big pocket passer in Thomas Darrah.  This offense lost most of everything this year and has really only one bright spot in Sophmore WR Julio Jones. This team otherwise could be a national title contender since they only lost 2 defensive starters. But the O line and and problems at QB may be to big a problem to overcome for HC Nick Saban. 


Overview. Bama keeps it close till the end but Tyrod Taylor and crew win this one in the 4th.



              These two team flash some pretty impressive QBs in Max Hall and returing heisman winner Sam Bradford. It wil come down to who has the better defense as i see both teams scoring 30 points or more.



    Oklahoma last year was the most powerful offense ever with more 700 points scored,a Qb who passed for more than 4,000 yds,two rbs who both had 1,000 yd seasons on the ground it will be tough to call any game againts them. They will however miss playmaking receivers and a great O line from last year seeing as they only have 1 returning starter in each of those catigories. But with big time TE Jermaine Gresham returning the passing game might not suffer at all. Gresham is the kind of guy a HC dreams of the perfect TE hes 6-6 260 and he has 4.5 speed. He was a main contributor last year with 950 yds receiving and 14 td receptions he a nightmare for defenses to control. Now that we have talked a bit about the Offense lets look at this defense. With only two missing from last years national championship defense we wont have to worry much about them stopping less talented teams. The biggest aspect of this defense is the D line its big fast and about as nasty as you can get, with a combination of speed and seize they might be able to make a repeat visit to the national championship game.



      Byu last year had a great team and plenty of talent and with max hall as astarting QB they had a leader. But the cougars fell and disapointed the fans who bought theire perfection T-shirts. This year they have lowered theire standards to just winning theire conference.......good move. The cougars have plaenty of experience to knock off some tough teams but will they have the fight in them to beat what may be the best team in the nation, i guess we wont know till Saturday. This team has a great offense but theire defense needs a good bit of work till they could make claims to a BCS bowl.


Overview.    This game is a good game for both team it will force them to have a midseason form defense and take things seriously. However its no secret that OU has a very good defense and when playing team out of the big 12 they have great numbers. This game i am calling OU for theire experience on defense and starpower on offense.



4.MD-CALthis game might be a statement game for either team.The bears to show they wont fall against lesser talented teams,for the Terps it would be to make a claim that they are not a lesser talented team.



     Cal is the kind of team that is popular to pick for a few big reasons, they are flashy with star RB Jahvid Best,they dont reallyhave any rivals outside the PAC-10 so noone cares if they win, and they have popular rivals such as UCLA and USC who plenty of peoplewant to fail. But with numbers like these you cant really blame anyone can you? Jahvid best had an 8.3 YPG last year! Thats insane! I personally think he wont win the heisman but right now hes the only guy in the Pac 10 who could do so if he has a great year in conference dont be surprised if he gets an invite this year. The bears will have to deal with a new qb and all the wrinkles that come with one so if a lesser team is going to take advantage of them it will probably be early. The bears will have a tough time on defense this year seeing as they dont really have any playmakers on that side of the ball.


MD. Md is a proud team who while arent always themost talented they are always resiliant and that makes them a dangerous matchup for a team like Cal. They will have some good RBs this and expect that to work to theire advantage in this Cal game. Another upside to this team is Talent at the Qb spot while tghey dont have a Dazzling player like Heyward Bay this year at wideout they do have good possesion recievers and that is a Qbs favorite kind. Expect this defense to be stingy and have a good turnover ratio this year.


Overview. The Bears are a great team when they are ahead but ifMD can stay in this one i will have my money on them. My call MD in the 4th.


 My less important games here are.



USC>San Jose





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