Mayweather Jr and GBP Dismiss and Disrespect the UFC By Rick Rockwell

Tinik KantutayContributor ISeptember 3, 2009

LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 21:  Floyd Mayweather of America talks to the press as he announces the fight between himself and Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico on May 21, 2009 in London, England. The fight's set to take place on July 18, 2009 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas (Photo by Tom Shaw/Getty Images)

It appears that Mayweather Jr. and Golden Boy Promotions isn’t the least bit concerned about going head to head against the UFC on September 19th. In fact, Mayweather and Golden Boy Promotions dismiss the serious challenge that the UFC presents. 

In a conference call to hype the fight between Mayweather Jr. and Marquez, the CEO of Golden Boy Promotions and Floyd himself spoke about their head to head PPV battle with the UFC:
Comments from Mayweather Jr
"I'm here to talk about what I got to do,"
"You know, what UFC got to do, that's their business. This is about me and Marquez pay-per-view, and we're not competing against no one else."
Comments from Richard Schaefer, CEO of Golden Boy Promotions,
"We're not really worried about it,"
"The fact is that we have the full support of the pay-per-view industry and all the main channels and everything, the marketing and so on. So that just underlines the fact that Floyd Mayweather is the pay-per-view king. So if you are the pay-per-view industry, who are you going to support? It is, of course, Floyd Mayweather, the pay-per-view king. So we're not really worried about it. Let them do what they do, and we'll focus on our own event."
Are you kidding me? Not worried about it? It’s one thing to be confident; it’s another to completely dismiss an opponent. Make no mistake about it; the UFC is the true opponent for Floyd and Golden Boy Promotions on September 19th.
Multiple sources quote Mayweather Jr as averaging about 900,000 PPV buys per fight. The average PPV buys for the last two UFC fights (not including 102) are 1.2 million PPV buys. But apparently, these numbers aren’t anything to worry about according to Floyd and Golden Boy Promotions.
These latest comments are another example of the disrespect that Floyd and his camp have for UFC and MMA as a sport. I’d like to take you readers back to some comments that Floyd made a few months ago, when speaking about MMA.
"It takes true skills to be in the sport of boxing, and-and Mixed Martial Art is for beer drinkers, boxing is for everybody. This is-uh, you can't take my shoes off and take my shirt off and just throw me in a cage. You do that with animals….you can't….. you don't do that with humans”….
"I don't know no fighter in MMA that generated a total revenue in two fights, which only lasted one hour in two fights, generated a total revenue of two hundred and fifty million dollars. They aren't even on my level.”
September 19th, will definitely be a fight. But this fight won’t be in a ring or an octagon; No, this fight will be in the PPV shares.
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